After questioning 'Azadi' in Kashmir, Markandey Katju now has '8 blunt questions' for Modi

Modi had come to power on the promise of 'Acchhe Din', says Katju

After questioning 'Azadi' in Kashmir, Markandey Katju now has '8 blunt questions' for Modi

New Delhi: After questioning the rationale behind the call for Azadi in Kashmir and professing his support for Sufi Islam over Wahabi Islam, former Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju has now trained his guns on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In a blog post, Katju has demanded answers from the PM on issues like unemployment and price rise.

The questions have created a buzz on social media with many questioning Katju over the timing of the post. Some others say that Katju should have rather focused on providing solutions to the long-standing problems faced by the country.

Here's the full post:

Some blunt questions to Mr. Modi

Mr. Modi had come to power in May 2014 on the issues of vikas and good governance, and had promised ' achche din ' to the people of India.

Since then over 2 years have passed, and it is time now to put some blunt questions to him :

1. When will the crores of unemployed youth in India get jobs ?

2. When will the skyrocketing food prices go down ?

3.When will the farmers suicides stop ?

4. When will the 50% children in India who are malnourished get nutritious food ?

5. When will the Indian masses get healthcare, and how long should the poor people, who cannot afford to go to private hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres, be compelled to go to quacks, or die without proper medical treatment ?

6. When will work be done for the people in government/municipal offices without taking bribes ?

7.When will the perpetrators of communal violence in Muzaffarnagar, Ballabhgah, Dadri, etc and people who gave communal hate speeches like Sadhvi Pragya, Adityanath, Sakshi Maharaj, Giriraj Singh etc be chargesheeted and arrested ?

8. When will the Ganga and other rivers really be clean ?


I am raising real issues, and not those connected with 'jumlas' like giving 15 lac rupees to everybody, which may be overlooked