BJP govt's countdown has started: Samajwadi Party

Accusing BJP of grabbing power at the Centre with the help of hollow slogans and false propaganda, Samajwadi Party (SP) on Thursday said that the manner in which saffron brigade lost bye-elections there were indicators that countdown of its government at the Centre has started.

Lucknow: Accusing BJP of grabbing power at the Centre with the help of hollow slogans and false propaganda, Samajwadi Party (SP) on Thursday said that the manner in which saffron brigade lost bye-elections there were indicators that countdown of its government at the Centre has started.

"The manner in which BJP lost bye-elections in the states held after Lok Sabha polls and the humiliation it faced in Uttar Pradesh, there are indicators that countdown of its government at the Centre has started," the political and economic resolution passed during SP's national convention alleged.

It said that the BJP promised a roadmap to check inflation, corruption, end unemployment and bring back black money in 100 days.

Attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it said the PM, who boasted to solve all the problems by a click of fingers, left burning issues behind and launched Ganga cleaning campaign in US.

"The PM, who boasted of solving problems by a click of fingers, left these questions and launched Ganga cleaning campaign in US," the political and economic resolution passed in the three-day national convention of the party said.

It said that when a party does not have a policy and only wants to grab power, it takes help of hollow promises and misleads the people through false propaganda.

Such power greedy parties keep aside national interest and create animosity and economic hysteria in the country, and BJP used all these tactics in the Lok Sabha elections, it alleged.

"Videos aimed at spreading hatred were circulated through

social media. Efforts were made to divide people in the name of religion and polarise them. Riots were orchestrated. But a building which is based on false and lies collapses ultimately and it started happening with BJP," the SP resolution said.

It also accused the media of indulging in sycophancy during Modi's visit to the US.

"There was a competition to exhibit who praises Modi most. These sycophants made a futile effort to belittle former PMs like Pandit (Jawaharlal) Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Atal Bihari Vajpayee before Modi. The convention is of the view that media should avoid comparing Modi with the great leaders as his stature is much smaller than theirs," it said.

The resolution alleged that the Centre has started process of rewriting the history and change textbooks to vitiate the minds of children, which SP strongly opposes and views it as a conspiracy to divide the country.

The convention also expressed concern over intrusion by China, Pakistan-backed terrorism and infiltration and asked the Centre to protect the boundaries of the country firmly.

"SP national president Mulayam Singh Yadav has repeatedly warned that China was eyeing Indian boundaries. Congress government paid no attention in this direction and BJP turned out to be worst. The day PM was having a swing ride with Chinese premier in Ahmedabad, Chinese army was erecting tents in Ladakh," it alleged.

The resolution alleged that instead of maintaining the dignity of the country, the PM was busy in getting false praises in his honour.

"The convention considers this attitude of the PM as self destructive. It demand the Centre to firmly protect the shrinking boundaries of the country," it said.

The SP resolution also alleged that a canard was being

spread that SP was against women's reservation and appealed to its workers to expose the false propaganda of Congress and BJP to the people.

The resolution stated that SP regretted that some people occupying constitutional posts worked against its dignity.

"Some Governors took unconstitutional steps as representative of a political party due to which a debate has started on the relevance of the post of Governor," it said.

The convention also requested the Supreme Court to review its decisions having far-fetched ramifications.

It also criticised the provisions of World Trade Organisation alleging that it was posing threat to the farmers and said that due to WTO, India has become a dumping ground of Chinese products.

It also opposed genetically modified seeds and demanded the Centre not to allow GM seeds under any pressure.

The resolution said that farmers, who were not getting right and profitable cost for their produce, were disappointed and talking of food security becomes meaningless in such a situation.

It said that the convention considers Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) as an unnecessary step and opposes it.

"While FDI in retail is pushing crores of people towards unemployment and starvation, the PM is giving a new definition as First Development India. By increasing FDI limit in insurance, the government is pushing lakh of agents towards unemployment... It is taking interest in benefitting select business houses," it alleged.

It expressed concern that unemployment was on the rise in

the country and alleged that the Centre has no plan to reduce unemployment.

"There is frustration among youths due to harassment, poverty and unemployment as a result of which their faith in democracy has shattered and many have taken to guns. Problem of naxalism is becoming a threat to internal security. The central government, whether of UPA or NDA, did not take required measures to resolve the problem," it alleged.

The convention criticised the UPA and the NDA governments for discriminating and treating Uttar Pradesh in a step-motherly manner.

"The convention strongly condemns this attitude," it said.

The resolution also took a dig at Modi on the issue of black money and 'achche din' (good days) slogan.

"SP wants to know that when the black money will return and when these good days will come," it said.

It also strongly condemned the Centre for mocking the poor by defining poverty.

While congratulating Akhilesh Yadav for welfare programme and development schemes, it expressed apprehension that due to increasing popularity of the party, communal forces were frustrated and were hell bent on destroying communal harmony in the state and orchestrate riots and violence.  

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