Bridging the struggle – nutrition for education

Every year millions of children are deprived of their basic rights of education and nutrition. Most of these children, from a tender age are compelled by situations to work for food. In a tough choice between literacy and hunger, it is always child labour to satisfy hunger that wins. Hence, education takes a back seat.

UN has specific guidelines for every country to work toward child growth and development – as one of the most essential Human Rights.

With growing population in a developing country like India, the issue of hunger and education needs immediate attention to avoid large number school dropouts. Millions of children in India everyday have to turn their back on education in order toearn for a meal a dayand help their parents. Because of this hunger, illiteracy and poverty are passed down over generations.

The perpetual struggle between education and hunger in India has resulted in organisations like The Akshaya Patra Foundation to come into picture. Akshaya Patra feeds nearly 1.4 million children every day. Their vision clearly says – no child shall be deprived of education because of hunger. Their mid day meal programme, in alliance with the Government of India and various State Governments, is world’s largest school feeding programme to bridge the gap between hunger and education.

Akshaya Patra strives to ensure that children not only have access to 'unlimited food for education' but also to prescribe quantities of nutrition.

This Human Rights Day on 10th Dec’2014, Akshaya Patra highlights the struggle that a child undergoes just to access one meal a day through their film – ‘The Possibilities’. The video stresses on how hunger can force a child to make unhealthy decisions, causing them to spiral further into a cycle of hunger, poverty and illiteracy.

Link of the video:

“The Possibilities’ relays a strong message about the importance of the mid-day programme. We believe the film will touch many hearts and bring nutritious food to more underserved children of our nation. We are immensely delighted and honored as the legendary musician; Mr. A. R. Rahman has kindly agreed to donate his popular track ‘Naan Yen…’ as a background track enhancing the impact of the film. We are also grateful to Viacom/ MTV for helping us use the track for the benefit of children. The music complements the essence of the film and sends out a powerful message,” said Chanchalapathi Dasa, Vice Chairman of The Akshaya Patra Foundation.

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