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New Delhi: The camels of BSF, otherwise patrolling the desert area of the border with Pakistan, elegantly marched down the majestic Rajpath here on Monday, beautifully dressed up with flowers.

The camel contingent and the camel-mounted band team, the largest single participant in the event, received a thunderous applause as it passed by the dais where US President Barack Obama, the Chief Guest, watched with interest.

The camels were dressed up with flowers and certain other items all over the body to make them look colourful.

The camel-mounted band had performed before Obama when he visited India in November 2010.

Interestingly, one of the camels in this team participated in the annual parade for the last time.

After marching down the Rajpath for 10 times, 16-year-old Sangram is set to retire later this year as per the tradition in the BSF by which a camel is retired after 15 years of service.

The camel contingent, with troops sitting atop holding INSAS rifles, and the band team is unique to the BSF which uses the 'ship of the desert' to patrol the Indo-Pak border in the Thar desert area in Rajasthan and some parts of Gujarat.

The visual appeal of the ceremonial outfit of the BSF camels enthralled the crowd with their stunning riot of colours and outfit.  

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