Focus on education instead of Afzal Guru: Venkaiah Naidu to students

Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister M Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday asked universities to be apolitical and advised students to focus on their education.

New Delhi: Asserting that attempts are being made to attack the nation`s integrity in wake of the JNU campus row, Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday asked universities to be apolitical and advised students to focus on their education.

"If Kanhaiya, the president of JNU, is not found to be involved in this no problem at all. But I expect the student leader to denounce such activities in his campus, distance himself from the union and such activities, that will make things clear. We want the universities to be apolitical and the students to focus on education instead of getting involved in beef festival or Afzal Guru festival," Naidu told ANI.

"The basic issue is the act of anti-national meeting, slogans, eulogizing Afzal Guru, questioning the integrity, unity and sovereignty of India. The slogans that were raised are very provocative, objectionable and anti-national. Why not the students` unions condemn the act and distance themselves from the activities?" he added.

Naidu also called for strong action against those attacking the nation`s sovereignty.

"How can any nation which is independent, tolerate this assault on the sovereignty of the country? We cannot afford this. The government is very firm. Strong action should be taken against the people," he said.

"If a student is involved, segregate him, condemn him and let him face the action. Nobody is saying JNU is anti-national. What people are criticising is there are some anti-national activities taking place in JNU. The police and the university are investigating. Let them investigate and come out with the real culprits and take action. Others, who are innocent, should not be touched at all," he added.

Stating that the government should not be `unnecessary` dragged in the JNU row, Naidu advised the students to think before protesting and making unwarranted statements.

"The focus should be on the people, who are raising these objectionable anti-national slogans. They should be segregated and condemned and action should be taken," he stated.

According to a Delhi Police Special Branch report submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Kanhaiya Kumar was not responsible for organising the programme in support of hanged Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru.

The report mentions that Democratic Students Union (DSU) activists led by Umar Khalid raised anti-national slogans after they were denied to broadcast a pro-Afzal Guru documentary on February 9 in the JNU.

Umar Khalid has been absconding after the incident.Describing the sequence of events, the report states that at 5 pm on February 9 there was a protest by 80-90 students including those from DSU and students of some Left organisations.

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