'RK Pachauri renamed me with sexually suggestive nickname, forcibly kissed me'

Another former employee of TERI has come out in the open with allegations of sexual harassment against RK Pachauri.

'RK Pachauri renamed me with sexually suggestive nickname, forcibly kissed me'

New Delhi: In more trouble for Rajendra K. Pachauri, who is in the thick of a legal battle over sexual harassment allegations, another former woman employee of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) levied similar charges against him.

The second complainant had joined TERI in 2003 and Pachauri was the Director General during that time.

The woman, to whom Pachauri had made sexual advances more than 10 years ago, narrated her ordeal during her tenure at TERI.

Here's what she said:

-Pachauri would use the excuse of work assignments to repeatedly call me to his office room, even though there was no real work that he needed to discuss. This made me feel very uncomfortable and I used to try to dodge some meetings or ask my colleagues to go for the meetings.

-Pachauri, a serial sexual harasser, who should have been punished by now has actually been rewarded with a new and higher position! This is a mockery of the laws of our country and of the struggles of the complainant's long and difficult struggles

-Want to appear as "material evidence" in the on-going case against Pachauri to show his "character and conduct" with female employees.

-Soon after I joined TERI and began interacting with Pachauri, he had renamed me with a sexually suggestive nickname 'xxxx'. He said that this was a derivative of my official name and suited me far better.

-Pachauri used to also call me on my personal mobile number once or twice a week during non-­office hours and holidays to ask what I was doing... he would make personal inquiries about my availability and keep requesting me to join him for dinner or wine.

-He completely against my wishes forcibly held and kissed me on my face just as I was leaving the room. I was shocked and very upset and left his office immediately.

-When Pachauri saw my resignation letter, he threatened that from the airport to the city I was going to, he had friends everywhere and that he would see how I would leave his employment.

-Pachauri has been appointed executive vice-chairman of the organisation despite the ongoing inquiry in the sexual harassment case.

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