How Sheena Bora can be identified

The sensational Sheena Bora murder case has captured the imagination of the nation, to say the least.

How Sheena Bora can be identified

Delhi: The sensational Sheena Bora murder case has captured the imagination of the nation, to say the least.

With new revelations tumbling out everyday, the onus is now on Mumbai Police, who is investigating the case, to prove the charges against the accused.

Sheena's (allegedly) burnt body was found on May 23, 2012 by the Raigad Police.

Most parts of the body was buried.

However, the skull, remains of bones, teeth and tissue samples were sent to Mumbai's JJ Hospital for identification.

The hospital preserved the remains, which was given to the Mumbai police.

The police have the skull of the body in their custody.

As per a report in Mail Today, who spoke to experts on how Sheena's identity could be established, there were certain ways on how it could be done.

They are as follows:

- It will have to be seen whether Sheena ever went to a dentist. Every person has unique dental patterns. The records can help forensic experts to match them with Sheena's teeth.

- An overall forensic facial reconstruction can be done. This can be done using the digital superimposition photography and facial reconstruction method.

- The report said that the technology was available in KEM hospital in Mumbai and FSL Chandigarh.

- Supposedly a person's face can be recreated this way from the skeletal remains of a human being whose identity is not known.

- This is reportedly done by an integration of artistry, forensic science, anthropology and anatomy, as per the report.

- With the help of an artist and a forensic anthropologist, a two-dimensional facial reconstructions can be created based on ante mortem photographs.

- Sculptures, which are said to be made from casts of cranial remains, can be applied to get three-dimensional facial reconstructions. This also generally requires an artist and a forensic anthropologist.

- Superimposition is another option. It is said to be used at times for forensic facial reconstruction.

- And then there is the DNA test.   

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