If Nirbhaya's parents feel 'Justice Not Delivered', is there any hope left for India?

'We have failed. Now there is no hope for justice.'

If Nirbhaya's parents feel 'Justice Not Delivered', is there any hope left for India?
The juvenile among Nirbhaya's killers is set to walk free.

New Delhi: Nirbhaya is a name that resonates in the hearts of all Indians. She was our daughter, our sister, our friend and she was killed in the most brutal manner - shaking India's collective soul to the core.

The devils who gang-raped and killed Nirbhaya were arrested promptly, one died during trial, and others are now awaiting the execution of the death sentence against them. But the most brutal of them, a juvenile then and now a 20-year-old adult, is set to walk free after 3 years in a 'Bal Sudhar Ghar'.

The 'juvenile' is believed to have spend his time at the correction centre in company of Kashmiri terrorists, prompting the Centre to seek a delay in his release back into to the society.

With the Rajya Sabha yet to clear an amendment in the Juvenile Justice Act – the situation is such that someone who is even a day short of 18 years of age can pick up the gun and kill at random and be assured of not being made to pay for his crimes.

Then is it any wonder that Nirbhaya's parents are distraught. They have lost their daughter and they know the pain.

And, justice demands that her killers be hanged. But...

In an interview to NDTV, Nirbhaya's father said, “We have failed. Now there is no hope for justice."

"With each passing day her memories get more intense. But we are not even able to face the memories as we have failed to secure justice for her. And now there is no hope for justice!," he said.

"We are small people. Who will listen to us? For the last three years we have knocked each and every door with the hope of getting justice, but all in vain."

India are you listening?

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