India ka jugaad: Can anything beat the 'tractor train'!

What happens when an aam admi puts on Einstein's hat... 

India ka jugaad: Can anything beat the 'tractor train'!

This video truly stands for the all prevalent jugaad culture of our country. Nothing is impossible, nothing is out of bounds when it comes to an aam admi's - often perilous - imagination.

A tractor hauling 15 wagons! The makers of the machine did not design it for such use but the tractor – with its forward set of wheels off the ground – manages to haul the fully loaded wagons.

The strength – engine and structural – of the machine deserves credit and will make the manufacturer proud but the company would also be left wondering on the implication of the feat on their business – what if everyone tries similar stunts with their tractor.

And, the issue of violation of traffic rules is left best unanswered.

Watch the Video:

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