India to host global initiate event to combat nuclear terrorism

India will be hosting an event of the global initiate to combat nuclear terrorism in 2017.

Washington D.C:India will be hosting an event of the global initiate to combat nuclear terrorism in 2017.

"This is a partnership of nearly 90 countries that was set up in 2006 and is jointly chaired by Russia and United States," said Amandeep Singh Gill, Joint Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

"India has been a member of this and is a partnership that focuses on practical cooperation on experience sharing, on table top exercises and other ways of enhancing capacity to deal with nuclear security threats," he added.

Singh said that the group called the implementation assessment working group will assess the overall work of that partnership.

Asserting that the focus at the working lunch was on international cooperation and institutional coordination, he said the heads of the IAEA, the United Nations and Interpol addressed the leaders and disseminated a conversation on the contribution of five institutions of the United Nations, the international atomic agency, the Interpol and then two partnerships the global initiative to combat nuclear terrorism and the G-8 partnership.

"With the exception of the last institution, India as the member of the others, those four and the summit has taken note of the actions plans that have been negotiated for these five institutions. These action plans will be released this evening. And they contain specific steps, specific priorities that the participants in the NSS would pursue in these institutions," added Singh.

"Prime Minister is underlining our contribution to IAEA since, IAEA plays a central coordinating role in the nuclear security issues," he said.Singh said that India would be contributing one million dollars to IAEA.He said that India also underlined the role of Interpol.

"The IAEA has primary focus on material in illicit trafficking of nuclear and radioactive material. Whereas the Interpol is the primary agency for law enforcement related cooperation," Singh said.

"The individuals who are suspected of nuclear trafficking, the foreign terrorist fighters who may link up with nuclear traffickers all these are part of Interpol data bases," he added.Singh said that India would be working with the Interpol in organising an event to countering nuclear smuggling.