It takes two to tango: Envoy on anti-India feeling in Nepal


Kathmandu: Amid the ongoing blockade and protests at the Indo-Nepal border, Indian Ambassador to Nepal Ranjit Rae has said it takes two to tango as far as the anti-India feeling in the country is concerned.

"As to why there is an anti India feeling, yes I agree with you that it takes, you know, do hath se talli bajti hai (It takes two hands to clap) and that`s why I`m saying it is something we need to discuss," Rae said at a press briefing in Kathmandu.

He emphasised that the two countries should hold bilateral talks to address the issue and urged Nepal to directly talk to India if it thinks that the latter is at fault.

"It is in the interest of Nepal, if India is at fault, you should tell us, `this is why we dislike you`, and then we can try and see what we can do about it if we can do anything about it. Of course, we can`t do anything about our styles. We can`t do anything about our geography. But certainly, we don`t like this anti-India feeling," Rae said.

Not sure if a statement as such is appropriate for a diplomat to make, Ray said, "I think there are sections that feel that promoting this anti-India feeling benefits them in some way.

"He said that if Nepal had any problem with the way India behaves or with its `micromanagement`, New Delhi should introspect on the issue."

Stressing that India and Nepal share a very strong bond, he acknowledged that the two nations are going through a rough patch.

On Wednesday, the Indian embassy in Nepal termed reports published by a section of the Nepali media regarding firing by Seema Suraksha Bal (SSB) personnel "inaccurate".

Nepal has been blaming India for the border blockade. Many reports appearing in Nepalese media have accused the Indian Government of implementing a blockade that has cut down the supply line of Nepal.

India has, however, denied all accusations. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) clarified that India has not imposed any blockade on supplies to Nepal and referred the crisis in the neighbouring country as `political` in nature.

Earlier, many Madhesis protesting at the Indo-Nepal border accused the Nepalese authorities of strategising against India to defame the country.For over two months now, the Madhesi protestors have been opposing Nepal`s new Constitution. 

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