Man tied to a train's window for drinking water without permission

The shocking incident occurred on March 25 in Madhya Pradesh.  

Man tied to a train's window for drinking water without permission

Itarsi: In a shocking case of extreme violence over a trivial issue, a man was tied to a train's window and beaten up by three men after he drank water from their bottle.

The incident occurred on March 25 when a youth named Sumit boarded Patna-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Superfast Express at Jabalpur at around 11 pm.

Sumit is employed in Mumbai and was on his way back to the city. Soon after the train began its onward journey, he reportedly drank two gulps of water from the bottle of the three accused youth.

His act infuriated them so much that they assaulted him. Not satisfied, they pulled the emergency stop chain to bring the train to a grinding halt and dragged Sumit out and tied him to a window.

Unaware of the incident, the train driver released the brakes and started the train again – with Sumit hanging outside the coach.

The train ran non-stop for four hours before it halted at Itarsi to the horror of those present on the platform.

The accused youth also jumped out of the train and started hitting Sumit with their belts. His cries of mercy not melting their hearts.

Fortunately, the assembled crowd intervened and saved Sumit.

The accused men are natives of Patna and were on their way to Mumbai to sit for a competitive examination. The Railway Protection Force (RPF) has filed an FIR against them and is probing the case.

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