Meat industry doesn't want you to see this video – The 'life' of baby chicks

Nine million people have watched this shocking video. 

Meat industry doesn't want you to see this video – The 'life' of baby chicks

For those of you who love chicken, this video is a must watch. 'Equality for Animals' is an idea, a belief, that won't come easy but it's time we realise what our insatiable hunger of the 'breast and leg' is doing to baby chickens.

Shot undercover by Animal Equality, an international non-profit animal rights organisation working to achieve equal consideration and respect for animals, the video depicts the shocking treatment meted out to day-old baby chicks.

The hapless animals are put through a factory production line. There is not even a slightest respect for them as workers push them down a conveyor belt, sort them and pack them to be sent to 'fattening farms', where they are subjected to an unnatural pace of growth – the day they turn forty days old, it's time for the journey to the slaughter house.

The narrator says, "These fragile creatures spend their first day of life in industrial incubators and are treated by mere machines. Processed as if they are parts in an assembly. There is not the slightest sign of compassion for them. Only disregard towards their lives."

The video has gone gone viral with more than nine million people viewing it within four days.

Watch it here: