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Modi-Obama 'Mann ki Baat': As it happened

Last Updated: Tuesday, May 5, 2015 - 01:02
Modi-Obama 'Mann ki Baat': As it happened

Zee Media Bureau/Ritesh K Srivastava

New Delhi: Continuing with his tradition of communicating directly with the countrymen, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday addressed the nation through his monthly radio address titled 'Mann ki Baat'. This was Prime Minister Narendra Modi's fourth radio address to the nation. However, this month's episode was very special as it had US President Barack Obama sharing his thoughts with the Prime Minister on a host of issues.

PM Modi later expressed his sincere gratitude to the US President for his sharing his thoughts and valuable suggestions on a wide range of issues through a series of tweets.

Here are the LIVE updates:-

  • PM concludes his address
  • I am grateful to countrymen for listening to us: PM
  • Many thanks to Barack for accepting my invitation to come as a Chief Guest on Republic Day: PM
  • Please share your thoughts with #YesWeCan, the best 100 ideas will be shared in the e-book: PM
  • Please use Twitter, Facebook and the likes, and use #YesWeCan: PM
  • Please join this and the best thoughts will be shared in an e-book: PM
  • Want an e-book to be made which features all that Barack and I have talked about today: PM
  • The organisers of the 'Mann ki Baat' should bring out an e-book on our conversation: PM
  • Barack has really shared his 'Mann ki Baat' on this platform: PM
  • I have much more faith in countries like India, US that are open information societies: Obama
  • Governments have to reach out to people in an inclusive way and have a dialogue: Obama
  • Emphasis on higher education is necessary for all around development of youth which is actually strength of a nation: Obama
  • I have much greater faith in India, US that are open societies: Obama
  • India, US have open societies and have complete faith and confidence in their citizens: Obama
  • Public health infrastructure around the world needs to be improved: US President
  • PM and I discussed how to deal better with epidemic & make sure to have good alert system for disease like Ebola: Obama
  • India has a lot to teach many other countries who may not be advancing as rapidly on public health sector: Obama
  • So I decided that I will spend my life in service of these people: PM
  • It inspires me that even the poor of the country are concerned about me: PM
  • Even poverty could not desist them from arranging something good for me: PM
  • One day I visited a poor family and they arranged a millet roti and milk for me: PM
  • I used to depend on families for my daily bread and butter: PM
  • For years, I lived a life of a monk: PM
  • The only problems that come to my desk are those that nobody else can solve. Obama
  • Almost everyday I meet somebody who says you made a difference in my life: Obama
  • It's true the youth can do wonders, the youth should unite the world: PM
  • As a child I saw photos of Kennedy. He had an amazing personality: Obama
  • Another individual has asked what inspires you, President Obama: PM
  • I read his autobiography: PM Modi
  • Benjamin Franklin inspired me most: PM
  • The next question is for PM -  which US leader inspired him the most, tells PM
  • I have much greater faith in India and the US that are open societies, says Obama.
  • Emphasis on higher education is necessary for all-round development of youth which is actually strength of a nation: Obama
  • They have to rather reach out to people in an inclusive way and have a dialogue: Obama.
  • I think governments and leaders cannot simply try to govern:Obama
  • A tea seller or some one born to a single mother leads our nations. An example of extraordinary opportunities in our nations: Obama
  • Actually, I have always asked people to believe in doing good work and not in dreaming: PM
  • No, I never thought of making it big one day: PM
  • You know, I think both of us have been blessed with an extraordinary opportunity, coming from relatively humble beginnings: Obama
  • The same is true for me. When I first went to the White House, I stood outside that same fence, and looked in, and I certainly did not imagine that I would ever be visiting there, much less living there: Obama
  • And it is interesting, Mr. Prime Minister, your talking about the first time you visited White House and being outside that iron fence: Obama
  • Well the question is “Did you both imagine you would reach the positions that you’ve reached today?”
  • Barack there is a question for you from Himani, who is from Ludhiana: PM
  • President Obama gave me a book. It is a book from 1894 on Swami Vivekananda. That touched me: PM
  • When I had first visited the US, I had never thought I would have opportunity to enter its premises.
  • I had gone to White House long back, I had taken a photograph from outside the gate, but never thought that one day I will get a chance to go inside White House one day: PM.
  • He says he has seen an old photo of me as a tourist outside the White House. He asks me what touched me when I went there last September: PM.
  • Next question is from Arjun: PM
  • It can lead to lifetime of health challenges and we would like to work on this issue internationally including India, says Obama
  • Public health infrastructure around the world needs to be improved: Obama
  • PM Modi is doing a great job in take up public health issues in India: Obama
  • India has lot to teach many other countries which may not be advancing as rapidly in improving public health sector: Obama
  • We look forward to partnering with Indian organizations, government and NGOs around public health issues including obesity: Obama.
  • I am very proud of the work my wife has done in the field of public health: Obama
  • He asks - Your wife is doing extensive work on tackling modern health challenges like obesity and diabetes. These are increasingly being faced in India as well. Would you and the First Lady like to return to India to work on these issues after your Presidency, just like Bill and Melinda Gates? PM
  • Barack, there is a question for you from Dr. Kamlesh Upadhyay, a Doctor based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat: PM
  • I appreciate your strong personal commitment to improve ties between our countries: Obama
  • People of America are very impressed with PM Modi's efforts to remove poverty: Obama.
  • US people are excited about PM’s effort to reduce poverty, empower women, provide electricity access, clean energy: Obama
  • If the US and India join together around shared values then world will be more prosperous, peaceful and secure: Obama
  • For every 1000 boys, the number of girls is less. And the main reason for this is that, there is a defect in our attitudes towards boys and girls: PM
  • Sanika you have asked a good question. There is a lot of worry because of the sex ratio in India: PM.
  • She asks me, whether I have sought assistance from Obama for the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Mission: PM
  • Sanika Diwan from Pune, Maharashtra has asked me a question: PM
  • The way Obama takes pride in his daughters is in itself an inspiration: Modi
  • When I go back I am going to tell my daughters that India is as magnificent as they imagined.
  • Malia my elder daughter had exams… when I go back I’m going to tell them that India is as magnificent as they imagined: Obama
  • They are fascinated by the history and culture of India: Obama
  • They (my daughters) very much wanted to come: Obama
  • I want to tell you, you can come any time, India will always welcome you and your children: PM  
  • We welcome President Obama's daughters to India, we would love to have them here: PM
  • His question is, the whole world knows about your love for your daughters. How will you tell your daughters about your experience of India? Do you plan to do some shopping for them?
  • Barack the first question comes from Raj from Mumbai
  • I have one question on your daughters, what will you tell them about your India trip: PM
  • Both are diverse societies giving power to individuals: Obama
  • India & US are national partners because we have much in common: Obama
  • I appreciate your (Modi) personal commitment to strengthen the relationship between India and US: Obama
  • I am told that it is first ever radio address by Indian PM and American: Obama
  • It is wonderful to be able to speak to you directly: Obama
  • Namaste, Thank you PM Modi for your kind words and incredible hospitality you have shown me and my wife: Obama
  • I request Obama to interact with you now: PM
  • Barack means one who is blessed in Swahili language: PM
  • Barack is a word from Swahili language: PM
  • Do you know what is the meaning of Barack? Meaning of Barack is one who is blessed:PM
  • One such question is on the meaning of US President's name: PM
  • Many questions that were asked to me have touched my heart: PM
  • Today we have US President Obama with us in this special episode of 'Mann ki Baat': PM
  • 'For the past few month I have been speaking to you: PM
  • PM Modi, US President Obama's joint radio programme 'Mann Ki Baat' begins

PM Modi this evening tweeted: Special episode of 'Mann Ki Baat' commences shortly. You can hear it here.

Modi earlier took to Twitter to talk about the special episode. He had tweeted, “‎Sharing our 'Mann Ki Baat' during the recording of the radio programme. Tune in on 27th January at 8 PM IST for the special episode!”.

PM Modi had tweeted about the special episode on January 22 also.

The episode was recorded on Sunday after the two leaders held talks at Hyderabad House.

Obama, who was on a three-day trip to India during which he attended the country's 66th Republic Day celebrations as Chief Guest, wrapped up his visit this afternoon and left for Saudi Arabia.

He is the first US President to be the Chief Guest at the annual parade.

The 'Mann Ki Baat' episode was aired on All India Radio, Doordarshan channels, Vividh Bharti, FM Gold, and FM Rainbow radio.

It will also live-streamed on the Prime Minister's website.

Modi's previous episodes of 'Mann Ki Baat' were aired on October 3, November 2 and December 14 last year.

First Published: Tuesday, January 27, 2015 - 20:00

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