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RSS chief's Dussehra address: Here's what Mohan Bhagwat said on Pakistan, surgical strikes, cow vigilantes

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) on Tuesday celebrated Vijay Dashmi and its 91st foundation day in Nagpur. 

RSS chief's Dussehra address: Here's what Mohan Bhagwat said on Pakistan, surgical strikes, cow vigilantes

Nagpur: The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) on Tuesday celebrated Vijay Dashmi and its 91st foundation day in Nagpur. 

The outfit chief Mohan Bhagat in its annual speech spoke about a range of issues like Pakistan-supported terrorism, surgical strikes, Kashmir unrest and cow vigilantes among others. 

We take a look at some of the key quotes from his annual Dusshera address.

On cow protectors and cow vigilantes: 

"There are some people who are dedicated to cow protection, it is part of directive principles of state policy. Gau-rakshaks (cow vigilantes) operate under the law, the administration must keep in mind; Those who break the law shouldn't be compared to gau-rakshaks.  

There is a need to identify real Gau-rakshaks from the fake ones since an attempt is being made by some forces to mislead the entire nation.

Small farmers are dependent on cows and their progeny. There are cow protection laws in various states. Many communities like Jains are involved in gau-raksha. Gau-rakshaks are good people but they should work under the law and Constitution."

On Surgical strikes:

"I heartily congratulate our government and our valorous soldiers and all the wings of our Armed Forces, who, through an efficient and expert move, have given a firm and befitting reply to this wanton attack. This firmness and the efficiency shown in the matter of diplomacy and defense should permanently reflect in our policy. 

It is matter of great pride the way situation was handled by the government. The entire world has got the message about the capability of the Indian Army that has reinstated the country's position; there are limits to one's endurance."

On Pakistan-supported terrorism, Kashmir unrest and Kashmiri Pandits:

"A large part of Kashmir is free of tension; we must act against those indulging in violence and strict action should be taken against them. Kashmir matter is a great concern and they (Pakistan) must know that entire Kashmir including Mirpur, Muzaffarabad and Gilgit-Baltistan belongs to India.

Pakistan is encouraging separatist forces in Kashmir and it is a fact not hidden from anyone and the whole world knows. Our government has given a befitting reply to them. Under the present leadership, the army has shown courage. 

Justice must be delivered to Kashmiri Pandits."

On securing borders:

The administrative leadership has done a commendable job. The government must ensure that our borders are secured and well guarded. Some separatist forces create trouble in border states. A level of perpetual co-ordination and co-operation is needed among in the defence forces and intelligence agencies as we have to pay a heavy price for a moment’s distraction."

On work done by Narendra Modi government:

"The present government is a one that wants to works and is not one to sit idle. There are a lot of expectations and there is still a lot to be done. But the way this government is functioning there is a believe they will do something. The society now has a belief that the country will progress. Nobody can deny that the county is steadily progressing.

But we all know that there are forces in the world that do not want that India's influence rise in the world. Those whose shops run on division runs on bigotry, they don't want India to progress. 

The influence of such forces is evident in our country and we can also find people who indulge in appeasement of these forces for their own interests. These people who indulge in such appeasement, don`t like the present government and the fact that the country is progressing." 

On current education system:

"Education is needed so that a person imbibes good values. However, the government must ensure that the cost of education is low. The role of a teacher is very important and people who genuinely wanted to educate children should be selected as teachers and not just someone who wants to get a salary from a job."

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