PM emphasises on connecting with spirit of Constitution

"Babasaheb means Constitution and Constitution means Babasaheb. Such accomplishment is unparallelled," PM Modi said, at an event.

PM emphasises on connecting with spirit of Constitution

New Delhi: Constitution means 'Babasaheb' and 'Babasaheb' means Constitution, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Friday said, as he emphasised on the importance of connecting with the "spirit" of Constitutional ideals.

"Babasaheb means Constitution and Constitution means Babasaheb. Such accomplishment is unparallelled," PM Modi said, at an event here, adding that over time we realise more and more, how great this work is.

"The time has changed and everyone keeps trying to find their rights in the Constitution and even try to augment them," he said, adding that some "clever" people even try to make Constitution the basis and misuse it to cross their limits.

"This results in a kind of anarchy. Babasaheb Ambedkar talked of a grammar of anarchy. It is the duty of all of us, citizens, administration, government - and the force which creates harmony between all is the Constitution. It has the strength to lubricate and also protect," he said.

"That is why, it is very important to connect with the spirit of the Constitution as connecting with the articles is not enough," he added.

PM Modi said, when the country acquired independence, the sense of duty in its citizens was very high but as time passed by the sense of duty has converted to a sense of rights and entitlement.

"The challenge is how to strike a balance between duty and rights," he said.

Referring to Constitution day, the Prime Minister said, the strength of January 26 which is celebrated as the 'Republic Day' lies in November 26.

Our new generation should connect with the Constitution, its processes and its objectives. 

In schools and colleges, the Constitution should be read and celebrated.

The Prime Minister was speaking at the release of 2 books - 'Updated Edition of Constitution of India and Making of the Constitution' organised by the Lok Sabha Secretariat, where several Union Ministers were also present.

Lok Sabha Speaker, Sumitra Mahajan, who was present at the event, said that, the books were an attempt towards ensuring that aspects of the Constitution were better understood.

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