PM Modi in Fiji: As it happened

PM Modi announces a grant of $5 million "to strengthen and modernise Fiji's village, small and medium industries".

PM Modi in Fiji: As it happened

10:31 am: Have also decided to extend USD 70 million line of credit to Fiji – PM Modi

10:30 am: Will set up USD 1 million adaptation fund for Pacific nations to tackle challenge of climate change - Modi

10:28 am: Sometimes, you must have felt it is easy to visit a hospital than the Indian embassy. We have now decided that people from Pacific nations will get visa on arrival in India – PM Modi

10:27 am: We have launched Clean India mission. We will make a nation to which your children will feel like coming to – PM Modi

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10:25 am: Indian youth have shown their talent in this digital world - Modi

10:23 am: We used to be called a nation of snake charmers, now we don't play with snakes but with mouse – PM Modi

10:21 am: Education is not enough these days, you also need to be tech savvy – PM Modi

10:20 am: PM Narendra Modi is now speaking at the Fiji National University.

5.30 am: PM Modi tweets about how honoured he feels for being invited to address the Fijian Parliament. 

He becomes the first world leader to address the house.

PM tweeted:

5:10 am: PM Modi also announces a grant of $5 million "to strengthen and modernise Fiji's village, small and medium industries". Further, he says that India will extend a line of credit worth $70 million for Fiji.

5:08 am: As Fiji adjusts to the changing global markets, India is prepared to be your partner in making your existing industries stronger and finding new opportunities for the youth - PM Modi

5.06 am: PM Modi concludes his speech, thanks for the warm hospitality and the great reception. 

5.04 am: PM Modi talks about varied subject that can help India and Fiji strengthen their bond. 

5.02 am: Must make travel easier between two countries. Invite Bollywood to shoot films in Fiji.

5.01 am: Visa on arrival for Fijians.

5.00 am: We are prepared to work with you for a Digital Fiji.

4.59 am: Our trade and investment have been modest. Yet there are examples of our cooperation that inspire

4.58 am: The roads you chose won you admiration around the world.

4.57 am: What links us is that both of our Nations have women speakers.

4.56 am: What makes a nation powerful is not its size but its vision and values. The roads you chose won you admiration around the world. Both our nations have vested the power in people.

4.54 am: People in Fiji have different histories, ethnicity and languages. Talks about the diverse colours of both the Nations.

4.52 am: PM Modi begins his speech. Greets the members of the parliament, the speaker. Two months ago, Fijians voted in extraordinary numbers to elect this Parliament. 6 months ago citizens of the world's largest democracy elected a new government. India is a nation of more than a billion. I stand here grateful for this special gif, the honour to address this Parliament.

4.46 am: PM of Fiji says PM Modi's emergence as the leader of the world's largest democracy is inspirational. 

4.44 am: PM of Fiji apologises to PM Modi for the absence of the member of opposition in the session of Parliament and termed it as "inexcusable". However, he added that this is in no way a road block towards the relationship between India and Fiji.

4.42 am: PM of Fiji addresses the Parliament, says India is now a rising power in the world. 

4.40 am: PM Modi reaches the Parliament of Fiji.

4.31 am: PMO shares a pic of the welcome ceremony on Twitter. 


4.30 am: PM Modi to address Fijian Parliament shortly.

4.28 am: Fijian PM addresses the Press.

4.22 am: We will also expand our defence and security cooperation, including assistance in defence training and capacity building. We agreed to identify opportunities to expand our trade and investments and work out a concrete roadmap. We are also prepared to increase cooperation in renewable energy, especially solar and wind energy, and in building capacity to adapt to climate change. In addition, we could share our experience and expertise in disaster management and response.

4.20 am: PM Modi addresses the Press. India agrees to extend Fiji Credit line up to 70 million dollars. PM announces Visa on arrival for the people of Fiji. India and Fiji agreed to strengthen defence. India and Fiji sign three agreement deals. India will double scholarship to Fiji students.PM Modi also announces a 5 million USD fund to promote small business and village enterprises in Fiji.

3.15 am: The speaker of Fijian Parliament refers to PM Modi's address as an esteemed occassion. 


3.10 am: PM Modi will hold bilateral talks with his Fijian counterpart shortly.

2.58 am: I was welcomed by a new sunrise. PM thanks the Fijian PM for hosting a traditional welcome ceremony and the people for the warm welcome. 

2.57 am: I feel that I belong to Fiji. Thank you for your hospitality. Today we stand together as two sovereign nations with interlinked vision and common challenges. 

2.55 am: PM Modi addresses the people. Greets people in the local language. The crowd cheers and applauds the PM's gesture.

2.50 am: PM of Fiji addresses the gathering, says Fiji has much to learn from India and much to offer.

2.45 am: A traditional drink was served to the Indian Prime Minister. The crowd witnessing the event cheered as the PM consumed the traditional drink.

2.40 am: PM Modi gets a traditional Fijian Yaqona welcome. The Indian National Anthem was played.

2.15 am: PM Modi is expected to reach the Albert Park for the traditional welcome ceremony.

1.52 am: PM Narendra Modi , who landed in Suva a few hours back, will be holding bilateral talks with his Fiji counterpart Frank Bainimarama later in the day. He was received by the Fiji PM at the airport.

The PM Modi is enjoying the scenic beauty of the Pacific Island country. He took to Twitter to post a beautiful picture with a caption that read:




Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s trip to Fiji is historic as it marks the visit of an Indian leader on the Pacific country’s soil after 33 years. The last Indian Prime Minister to visit the Pacific island nation was Indira Gandhi in 1981.

The Indian PM will be meeting his Fijian counterpart Frank Bainimarama on Wednesday and the two are scheduled to hold bilateral talks and jointly address the press. PM Modi will also address the Fijian Parliament and later in the day, meet leaders of 12 Pacific Island nations.

On the eve of Prime Minister Modi's arrival here, his Fijian counterpart Bainimarama Monday said the visit is an opportunity for his country to further strengthen its position as a regional leader.

Bainimarama also said that Fiji and India have a long-standing close ties of friendship and "Prime Minister Modi recognises the great historical link and wants to help us develop our nation in a range of ways which we will discuss".

Referring to his visit to Fiji, before leaving India, Modi had said it will be his privilege to visit this country soon after the return of democracy in September this year.

"We also owe them a debt of gratitude for hosting our scientists on the island in support of our Mars Mission. I am excited about visiting Fiji as also with the opportunity I will have of meeting leaders and representatives of 12 Pacific Island nations," he had said.

Fiji and India have 135 years of historical and friendly relations and a formal diplomatic relation was established in 1970.

(With PTI inputs)

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