PM Modi's degree issue: Difference in names is common, says officiating VC of Gujarat University

Reacting on the issue of degree of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, officiating Vice Chancellor of Gujarat University said on Monday that some difference in names was common.

Delhi: Reacting on the issue of degree of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, officiating Vice Chancellor of Gujarat University said on Monday that some difference in names was common.

"It's common in Gujarat that some difference in names happen. We receive thousand of applications for change of names," he said.

"Marksheet provided by Delhi University mentions Narendra Kumar and admission was given on that basis," Patel added, as per ANI.

He further said, "That is why marksheet of 1981 mentions Narendra Kumar, but he wrote Narendra in exam form of 1982."

Rejecting BJP's claims about PM Modi's degrees and marksheets, AAP and its leader Arvind Kejriwal today claimed the documents had "glaring discrepancies" and stuck to the charge that the documents had been forged.

Hours after BJP president Amit Shah and Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley released PM's BA and MA degrees, Kejriwal claimed documents relating to the Prime Minister's graduation have been sealed by the Delhi University and wondered why it was not implementing the CIC order in the matter.

Earlier, addressing a press conference, AAP leader Ashutosh had said that PM Modi's name does not match with what has been mentioned in the BA marksheet and the MA degree and claimed there were discrepancies in the year of passing as well.

"Nakal ke liye bhi akal ki zarurat hai (One needs brains even to copy). The BA marksheet is dated 1978 while the degree is of the year 1979. His name in the BA marksheet is Narendra Kumar Damodardas Modi while in Masters degree, it is Narendra Damoderdas Modi," said the AAP leader, as per PTI.

He further said, "1975 marksheet has the PM's name as Narendra Kumar Damodardas Modi, the 1976 one spells it as Narendra Damoderdas Modi and the 1977 one spells it as Narendra Damodardas Mody.

"Amit Shah and Arun Jaitley are not Gods. Instead of demanding Kejriwal's apology they should say sorry to the nation for committing such a crime of presenting forged documents."

The BJP called the discrepancies clerical errors.

Ashutosh said striking off the part of one's name was not possible without an affidavit and asked Jaitley and Shah to produce copy of the affidavit.

"His MA degree says he had done his post-graduation in 'Entire Political Science'. Is that even possible? There are a lot of glaring discrepancies in his degrees and masters' degree," said Ashutosh. 

Meanwhile, in a bid to set at rest the row over PM Modi's educational qualifications, Shah and Jaitley addressed a press conference today where they released the graduation degree taken from Delhi University and the masters' degree from Gujarat University.

The two leaders launched a blistering attack on AAP leader and Delhi CM accusing him of lowering the public discourse by spreading "lies" and substituting governance with "politics of adventurism".

They demanded an apology from him.

Shah and Jaitley alleged that Kejriwal has tried to turn a "lie" into truth by running a campaign to mislead the people of the country.

Jaitley said the kind of allegations that have been levelled against Modi threatens "federal polity" in the country when a Union Territory indulges in "irresponsible behaviour" to attack the Prime Minister. They challenged the Delhi Chief Minister to verify his claims.

"Arvind Kejriwal has been spreading lies about the Prime Minister's credentials. He has committed the sin of defaming the country. It is very unfortunate that we have to hold a press conference about the Prime Minister's educational qualification. When you do not have any proof, how can you spread allegations. He should apologise to the entire nation," said Shah, adding he will also write a letter to Kejriwal to satisfy his queries, as per PTI.

When asked about the authenticity of Modi's BA degree, Shah told a reporter to check it with the Delhi University.

(With Agency inputs)

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