PM Narendra Modi will fail in Assam: Rahul Gandhi

'Now he will come to Assam but he will be sent back to Delhi'

Updated: Mar 04, 2016, 15:03 PM IST
PM Narendra Modi will fail in Assam: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Launching a counter attack, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, Friday, said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led BJP will lose in the upcoming assembly elections in Assam.

Addressing a press conference in Silchar, Rahul said, “He (Modi) went to Bihar 30 times, he made many promises but people of Bihar asked him to first fulfil the promises he made earlier...but he was sent back to Delhi.”

“Now he will come to Assam but he will be sent back to Delhi; Congress is going to win,” he said.

Addressing the gathering, Rahul said the people of Assam should ask the Prime Minister about the lack of jobs, why 15 lakh has not yet been given to all citizens of the country.

On PM Modi's speech in the Parliament, he said, “In his one-hour speech yesterday, PM made personal attacks on me, read out quotes of Indira ji and Rajiv ji, but gave no answers.”

“It's true their marketing is better than us, it's true they make false promises. We say the truth...we fight for the poor and weak and will continue to do so,” Rahul said.