Revealed: How terrorists posing as Afghan medical tourists had planned to attack Delhi

Security agencies are concerned about ISI-backed module whose operatives were able to infiltrate the national capital.

Revealed: How terrorists posing as Afghan medical tourists had planned to attack Delhi
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Delhi: Security agencies are in a tizzy over a botched terror test run in New Delhi, as per a media report.

As per India Today, security agencies are concerned about a new ISI-backed module whose operatives were able to infiltrate the national capital.

They reportedly posed as Afghan medical tourists, the website quoted intelligence sources as disclosing.

As per the report, sources have revealed that the mastermind of the failed terror bid in December, 2015, was Maulana Abdul Rehman (known as MAR in jehadi circles and believed to be a plotter of the 1999 hijacking of the Indian Airlines' IC 814 flight).

The infiltrators (Pakistani Ahmed Khan Durrani and Afghan national Abdul Qadri) used medical-tourism method to enter the national capital.

The report says that Durrani posed as an Afghan patient and Qadri his attendant.

Durrani forged passport issued in the name of Sohaib Abbas and chose a Lajpat Nagar neighbourhood to rent a room.

The media group gives the address as - M-3, Kasturba Niketan Complex, Lajpat Nagar-II.

Incidentally the address passed police verification in the last week of November.

Durrani had undergone a training in making chemical bombs and both of them had remained in contact with their handler (identified as Abid).

Abid had supposedly set up a control-room in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa area of Pakistan-Afghan border.

They are said to have bought bomb-making materials from Old Delhi markets and were able to make six chemical bombs.

They were planning to use them in serial attacks in second week of December, the report quoted sources as saying.

The duo are said to have recced locations across Delhi and Iskcon temple and a plush mall were on their hit list.

Durrani and Qadri had identified three other targets, security officials revealed.

However, the trial run did not go as planned.

A bomb they tried to detonate in the bathroom of their room sent smoke out of their building and this supposedly made them nervous.

They them flushed their devices and fled to Afghanistan on the next flight available, intelligence officials told the media group.

After the terror plan came to the fore, intelligence agencies alerted Kabul police.

Durrani and Qadri were then arrested and explosives and secret documents were recovered from them.

The mastermid of the terror plan Maulana Abdul Rehman (MAR) heads an organization called Al Barkat Trust and the trust has established the new group called Jaish-ul-Haq, according to security officials.

What is alarming is that, MAR has a syndicate of terrorists who are being recruited and trained for anti-India operations, intelligence sources added.

Please note: Rehman has now fallen out with Maulana Masood Azhar (founder of the Jaish-e-Mohammad). Azhar was one of the three terrorists India freed to secure the release of the IC-814 passengers.