RSS organ calls for freeing PoK from Pakistan

RSS organ 'Organiser' has said Pakistan has raised the bogey of Kashmir word with plebiscite in the UN General Assembly as a custom.

New Delhi: After Pakistan failed to elicit a response at UN on Kashmir, RSS organ 'Organiser' has said freeing Pak-occupied Jammu and Kashmir from its illegal occupation is the only solution to end this issue.

"That Pakistan is the epicentre of terrorism is a well known fact now. On the other hand Bharat is widely recognised as the power centre in global matrix. Therefore, K word is no longer a currency in international politics.

"Now freeing the PoK (Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir) from the illegal occupation of Pakistan, ..... Is the only solution to end this longstanding issue," the editorial in 'Organiser' has said.

It said Pakistan has raised the bogey of Kashmir word with plebiscite in the UN General Assembly as a custom, but Nawaz Sharif could not garner international attention as earlier.

The RSS organ also said that to the contrary, videos showing Pakistan brutality and protests against Islamabad in the Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir (PoK) are going viral and a leader from J&K Moulana Syed Athar Hussain Dehlavi after touring the areas has stated that people residing there want to be a part of India as they are impressed with governance here and are distressed with growing extremism in Pakistan.

"This transformation is a sign that the discourse on Jammu and Kashmir is set to change forever," it said.

The editorial "Forget about K, talk about POK" said people of Jammu and Kashmir have time and again voted for the Assembly and Parliamentary elections in India ....., which Pakistan funded fringe elements such as Hurriyat always try to sabotage.

On the other hand, it claimed, demography on the other side of J&K was 'forcefully changed' and basic rights as equality before law and right to freedom of association or formation of political parties have been denied to the people, which Pakistan courts have also accepted.

"The region did not get any democratic representation... People of this occupied region always live under the shadow of violence, as POK is the main centre for terrorist training camps. The protests in Mirpur-Muzaffarabad have just started getting the limelight, Gilgit Baltistan is still in dark as there is no media coverage of atrocities and aspirations of these neglected regions," it said. 

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