Security alert! Islamic State militants release 'kill list', target 4000 people including 285 Indians

The ISIS 'kill list' consist of names, addresses and emails of all the selected people from across the globe.

Security alert! Islamic State militants release 'kill list', target 4000 people including 285 Indians

New Delhi: In a significant development which will certainly raise the eyebrows of the intelligence agencies, Caliphate Cyber Army (CCA) - affiliated by the dreaded terror group known as Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) - has released a new "kill list" of over 4,000 people across the globe which includes 285 Indians.

According to a Zee Media report, apart from Indians, half of the names in the 'kill list' are of Americans, residents of the UK, France and Canada. Along with the names, the list consists of addresses and emails of the targeted people.

The hacker group distributed the list on the encrypted messaging service, Telegram, calling for ISIS supporters to target the individuals listed.

"O wolves of the Islamic State, (this is a) very important list, kill them immediately," International Business Times quoted the hacker group as saying on Friday.


Coincidentally, some reports credits the UCC (United Cyber Caliphate) for releasing the list. However, since the CCA was incorporated into the UCC when the various pro-ISIS hacker groups were merged in April 2016, the credit could perhaps be attributed to both hacker groups.

Notably, Indian software engineers, who help the government officials to tackle with militants to keep the country safe, are mostly topping the 'kill list', as per Zee Media.

In April 2016, The UCC had made headlines when it released a hit list of thousands of New Yorkers, shortly after announcing itself as the joint hacking arm of ISIS.


However, the list was later found to contain outdated information, which may also be the case in this instance.



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