Shaktiman - Life and Times of the brave police horse

Uttarakhand Police horse Shaktiman, which was injured during a BJP protest in Dehradun, has died.

Shaktiman - Life and Times of the brave police horse

Delhi: Uttarakhand Police horse Shaktiman, which was injured during a BJP protest in Dehradun, died on Wednesday.

Following is the life and times of Shaktiman:

- Shaktiman hit headlines when it was brutally assaulted with sticks, allegedly by Uttarakhand BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi and his associates.

- The 14-year-old Kathiawari mare was employed by the Uttarakhand mounted police.

- The snowy white mare was one of 6.25 lakh horses and ponies in the country, as per a census.

- The horse had been a part of police ceremonial parades since it was a three-year-old colt.

- BJP MLA Joshi was booked under IPC Section 429 (killing, maiming or rendering useless animals of value including a horse), which attracts up to five years in jail.

- Reports said that Shaktiman did not charge the protesters but kept stepping back from them in the face of the attacks.

- It had then buckled and one of her hind legs was caught in a railing. 

- An emergency amputation was carried out after it became clear that the horse could die of gangrene from the wound.

- It was said that a prosthetic limb will help Shaktiman walk again. However it was not to be.

- Visuals the police horse hobbling in pain and dragging its crushed has captured the imagination of the people and drew strong emotional reactions across the country.

- Hashtag #PrayForShaktiman had became a trending topic on Twitter.

- US animal lover Jamie Vaughn had made it her personal mission to care for the animal and was referred to as 'chachi' (aunt) by Dehradun police officers.

- Vaughn runs an NGO called Maya Foundation for animal welfare in Bhutan.

- She has helped in construction of a new tin shed for the horse. The shed had been fitted with two water-cooled fans, a mosquito net and fluorescent lamp.

- Shaktiman used to get massage every day and its bedding was changed every second day and the bandage twice a week.

- It was said that in the month following the accident, Shaktiman had lost about 70 kgs and was weighing about 425 kgs.

- Tim Mahoney, a retired banker from Kentuky, had flown halfway around the world few days back with a prosthetic limb for the horse which was fitted on Shaktiman.

- Doctors said that the horse was not responding to a prosthetic leg brought from the US, as per reports.

-  She reportedly spent the past few weeks at the police lines in Dehradun.

- Constable Ravinder, who was astride the horse when the accident happened was inconsolable for days fearing euthanasia for Shaktiman.

- He was mostly by its side, helping feed him or to handle the physiotherapy.

- Ravinder was quoted by a Daily as saying after the mishap - “Kya sundar ghoda tha. Ekdum shaandar. Sab kuch khatam ho gaya. Lekin shukr hai ki woh zinda hai."

- The constable must be a distraught man today.