This Indigo pilot did something special to honour a Kargil war hero

A war hero on board the aircraft - what does the pilot do? 

This Indigo pilot did something special to honour a Kargil war hero
Pic courtsey: Indigo Twitter handle

New Delhi: A special gesture by Indigo pilot Harish Nayani towards a war hero has taken the Internet by storm and once again brought into focus the need to honour those who protect us.

It was a routine work day when Nayani, an ex-IAF pilot, came to know that he had a war hero on board. He took to the passenger address system and proudly announced having the war hero on board, leading to a thunderous applause by the 180 odd passengers on the flight.

The incident was shared by another former IAF pilot Rajiv Tyagi on Facebook.

"Harish Nayani, 62nd course, Kilo Squadron, NDA, erstwhile IAF fighter pilot, now a Captain flying for Indigo Airlines, had a war-hero passenger on his flight the other day. Naik Deep Chand, who lost both legs and his right arm in the 1999 Kargil War, was flying Indigo. Harish announced the presence of the war hero on the flight, to the delighted applause of 180 passengers. This is all the recognition war heroes need, for acts no nation can repay them for," Tyagi said in his Facebook updated.

Captain Nayani deserves a big salute!!

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