Trinamool Congress to raise black money issue in Parliament

Facing flak over Saradha scam, Trinamool Congress leadership on Sunday said it will raise the issue of black money on the floor of Parliament and seek support of like-minded parties on this issue.

Trinamool Congress to raise black money issue in Parliament

Kolkata: Trinamool Congress on Sunday said it will raise the issue of black money in the Winter Session of Parliament and seek the support of like-minded parties on the matter.

TMC MP and spokesperson Derek O'Brien also alleged that the "NSA (Ajit Doval) is a RSS sympathiser" and the Burdwan blast in Bengal was "part of a devious BJP master game plan" and was "conceived, drafted and approved by RSS headquaters".

"For us black money is a priority issue. We will raise the black money issue on the floor of Parliament. We will also seek the support of the like-minded parties on this issue. The BJP had promised that it would bring back the black money after coming to power. It made a false promise," he said.

Later in a statement published in Trinamool Congress website, he said, "This is all part of a devious BJP master game plan. The current PM used this narrative throughout his election campaign in Bengal. This wasn't a mere coincidence. It was a plan. The NSA is a known RSS sympathiser. These devious plans are all conceived, drafted and approved at RSS HQ."

Derek's statement came as a reaction to the statements made by Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

"Mr Jaitley, nothing personal. Do what you may from your perch in Delhi - but Bengal, its people, and the TMC need no lessons on patriotism and nationalistic ideas. The air in Bengal has breathed nationalism for centuries," Derek said in the statement.

The party also questioned BJP about the expenditure it had incurred in this year's Lok Sabha election and other state Assembly elections.

"Let me ask the BJP leadership a few straight questions. Where did the BJP raise their billions of dollars to spend in the Lok Sabha elections? How much money was spent on Maharashtra and Haryana elections? Where is the party getting its massive funding to continue the lavish spending in Jammu and Kashmir and Jharkhand? Why don't they provide transparent accounts for this unprecedented splurge?" Derek asked in the statement.

"If the nation gets to know how much black money the BJP has spent this year on elections, the party will get black-listed. The All India Trinamool Congress is one of India's poorest political parties. Please see our EC returns," he said.

Referring to Srinjoy Bose who was arrested in connection with the Saradha scam on Friday, Derek said, "The gentleman arrested is the editor and owner of a reputed newspaper in Bengal. His family comes from a 'good gharana' of business families in the state. A few years ago our party gave an opportunity to some journalists and newspaper personnel and inducted them. They made a lateral entry into Trinamool Congress."