What's 'Chhota' about Chhota Rajan?

The story began in the badlands of Mumbai when 'Madrasi' don Bada Rajan was the big daddy of the underworld.

What's 'Chhota' about Chhota Rajan?

New Delhi: Chhota Rajan is 5.4 feet in height – decent by Indian standards - but he is still a 'Chhota'!

Well, those who don't live on Pluto may be aware of the journey of a young Rajendra Sadashiv Nikalje's journey to become 'Chhota Rajan'; everyone else read on.

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The story began in the badlands of Mumbai when 'Madrasi' don Rajan Nair alias Bada Rajan was the big daddy of the underworld in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

As his business grew a young boy from the middle class locality of Tilak Nagar in Chembur joined his gang. The young thug had already cut his teeth in the world of crime by selling cinema tickets in black – he was wanting to take the big leap into the big game - and he found a mentor in Bada Rajan.

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Rajendra Sadashiv Nikalje quickly gained his boss' trust, earning him the moniker 'Chhota Rajan'.

Nikalje's nickname was also indicative of his status in the Rajan gang – he was the unoffical no.2 and it was natural that he took the reins after Bada Rajan was bumped off by a rival gang.

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Chhota Rajan went on to become a even 'bada' than his guru Bada Rajan in the world of crime.

Then, October 26 – as per the official version – happened...

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