Zee Media Crosses 150 Million Viewers Mark

Zee Media Corporation Limited is one of the largest news networks in India.

Updated: Feb 20, 2016, 14:51 PM IST
Zee Media Crosses 150 Million Viewers Mark

Mumbai: One of the largest news networks in India, Zee Media Corporation Limited (ZMCL), has achieved another milestone by crossing 150+ million viewers mark on an average weekly basis.

Taking pride in the achievement, ZMCL marketing head Pooja Gupta said: “It's rare to be able to touch so many people's lives and we take pride in adhering to our proposition of delivering in-depth analysis, varied perspective and inspirational stories!” “This journey though exhilarating, sometimes tumultuous times, has been an enriching and enlightening one. While ZMCL have remained intact over the years and have gained credibility for our strong foothold and news coverage, ZMCL is impatient like any innovators. It seeks potential everywhere and every problem is an opportunity for growth.”

ZMCL CEO RK Arora said ZMCL has gained credibility for its strong foothold and news coverage. The network is, however, impatient like any innovators, said Mr Arora, adding: “It seeks potential everywhere and every problem is an opportunity for growth. As the largest news network ZMCL believe our work must be integral to our mission of nurturing more informed and aware citizens, inspiring moments of optimism and happiness, creating value and making a difference to their viewer’s lives.”

ZMCL group CEO Dr Bhaskar Das signed off by saying: “The attempt is to achieve a new pinnacle in terms of revenue and market share. So let the revelry continue from a million to a zillion!”

The ZMCL network comprises 10 channels, Mumbai edition of DNA newspaper and digital properties like zeenews.com and dnaindia.com.

The network comprises of two national channels Zee News (Hindi News), Zee Business (Hindi Business News) and India 24x7(Hindi News). In addition it has regional news channels, Zee Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh (Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh), Zee 24 Taas (Marathi), Zee Rajasthan News (Rajasthan), Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal and Zee Kalinga News (Odisha). Additionally the company operates 2 regional news channels through its subsidiaries viz. 24 Ghanta (Bengali) through Zee Akaash News Pvt Ltd and Maurya TV (Bihar & Jharkhand) through Maurya TV Private Limited.