BJP-PDP govt reaping dividends of divisive politics: Omar Abdullah

Alleging that seeds of divisive politics were being sown into the socio-political fabric of the state, NC leader Omar Abdullah on Saturday hit out at Chief Minister Mufti Mohmmad Sayeed, and claimed the fruits of hard-earned peace are being "wasted" by him.

Jammu: Alleging that seeds of divisive politics were being sown into the socio-political fabric of the state, NC leader Omar Abdullah on Saturday hit out at Chief Minister Mufti Mohmmad Sayeed, and claimed the fruits of hard-earned peace are being "wasted" by him.

"The seeds of divisive politics are being sown into the socio-political fabric of the state. Both PDP and BJP have a long-cherished dream of reaping the political dividends of such divisiveness and polarisation in J&K", he added.

"Not only is this trend dangerous for the state but it also poses a great risk to peace in the entire region given that J&K's internal political atmosphere has far-reaching external ramifications", Omar said.

He was addressing a public rally in Kishtwar here.

Denouncing recent incidents of communal violence and attempts to allegedly polarise the people of the state on the lines of region and religion, Omar said National Conference has always opposed the type of politics that is invested in the goal of dividing people for political dividends and the party would continue to confront these political forces with all its democratic and political might.

"Attempts are being made to create an atmosphere of confrontation between regions and religions. Nothing could be more condemnable and unfortunate", he said.

"The fruits of a hard-earned peace are being wasted by Mufti Sahab who has unfortunately chosen to surrender in a greater plot of divisive politics just to remain in power", Omar further alleged.

The NC Working President also expressed disappointment at the "complete failure" of the PDP-BJP government in delivering on its political and governance-related promises and said, Sayeed had squandered the people's mandate by heading a "directionless, self-contradictory government".

"Unfortunately, if there has been any change at all in J&K, it has been a change for the worse. The comprehensive development process initiated by the previous government in all the three regions of the state has been brought to a grinding halt by the present PDP-BJP government led by Mufti Sahab", he alleged.

Omar said landmark developmental initiatives started during his tenure as the chief minister have been "put on the back burner" and the conventional, destructive attitude of politicising previously initiated developmental projects has been "reinvented" by the PDP-BJP government which ironically promised to usher the state into a new era of growth.

"The abandonment of the Kishtwar Power Project by the PDP-BJP government led by Mufti Sahab has not only deprived the power-starved state of the much-needed addition in power-generation but also robbed Kishtwar of an opportunity of job creation and economic impetus", Omar added.

Omar alleged that back in 2003, Mufti Sahab did the same thing with 1,200-MW Sawlakote Power Project which would have been in the commissioning stage as of now, had Mufti Sahab looked at the cause of development beyond speeches, press statements and photo-opportunities.

He said the failure of the PDP-BJP combine to fulfill its promises had led to a political deficit in the state - one that could lead to a state of chaos, turmoil and uncertainty.

"This government has made so many U-turns that it would be well-advised to dedicate an entire Ministry to U-turns. Every single political and economic promise made by PDP and BJP ahead of the elections stands shattered and this is disappointing".

Omar said "the mandate for governance in a democracy and especially in a state as fragile as J&K is very precious. A disillusionment and disenchantment with the system is tragic and this present Government has squandered the hopes of people in every town and village in the state".

"Modi ji had promised a drinking water pipeline to the people of Kisthwar during his public meeting here ahead of the elections and said the pipeline would be so huge that the entire Abdullah family can drive through that pipleline".

"I have driven to Kisthwar today and I had to take the road as eager as I was to drive through the water pipeline as there is no sight of a single pipe, leave alone a pipeline", Omar said while ridiculing the "tall, unkept promises" of both PDP and BJP with the people of Kisthwar.

The former chief minister reiterated that peace was imperative for progress and development of a state like Jammu and Kashmir which has undergone most turbulent phase of the history.

He said National Conference will always strive for peace and tranquility and stand against those like a rock who want to disturb it for furthering their "myopic" political agenda.

He said the trust and confidence of the people will further rejuvenate National Conference's mission of selfless service and enable it to fight back all those who want to trample the distinguished character of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.

He said his party will remain in the forefront to fight for the genuine cause of the people.

During his 40-minute address, he also regretted over the callousness of the PDP-BJP coalition towards Rehbar-e-Taleem Teachers and other segments of employees who are not being paid their wages timely.  

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