Omar`s speech encourages separatists, claims BJP

The BJP on Friday accused Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah of "encouraging" separatists with his speech in the state assembly.

New Delhi: The BJP on Friday accused Jammu and
Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah of "encouraging"
separatists with his speech in the state assembly.

"His (Abdullah) statement gives rise to several
doubts. Is he saying Jammu and Kashmir was not merged? Is he
challenging the Constitution and overlooking his own (J-K)
Constitution. His is an irresponsible statement which
encourages separatists who are saying the same thing in
different words," senior BJP leader M M Joshi told reporters.
The former HRD Minister maintained that since Abdullah
holds a "responsible, constitutional position" he should not
have made these remarks in the state assembly.

Abdullah had said on Wednesday in the assembly that
Jammu and Kashmir had not merged with India but acceded to it.

“It is not right for any Chief Minister, especially of
Jammu and Kashmir, to say so. The most laughable thing he
(Abdullah) said was that Jammu and Kashmir had not merged but
acceded. All provinces and states had acceded through the
Instrument of Accession and not merged," Joshi said.

He stated that Section 3 of the Jammu and Kashmir
Constitution also states that it is an integral part of India.

Joshi alleged that Abdullah had "internationalised"
the issue by his statement- which included references to
Shimla Agreement between India and Pakistan.

"The only issue with Pakistan is when it will vacate
Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. The 1994 resolution in Parliament
when P V Narasimha Rao was the Prime Minister states that the
entire area is Indian territory. When he (Abdullah) involves
Pakistan he is trying to internationalise a domestic issue,"
Joshi said.

Joshi maintained that involving Pakistan was "not
required" and is "dangerous".
The principal opposition made three demands from
Abdullah while asking him to clarify his position.

"He should not try to internationalise a domestic
issue. He should not support separatists and protesters. He
should not say that the eight-point formula of the Centre will
not succeed when he was consulted on all points, except on
re-opening of schools," Joshi said.

The former BJP president maintained that Abdullah`s
contention of an economic package not being the solution
raised further doubts.
"Then is separation the solution? The country cannot
tolerate this," he said.

"He (Abdullah) should also make clear if he has any
plans for the Kashmiri Pandits who had to leave Kashmir. And
also if he is making any arrangements for the Sikhs there,"
Joshi said.

The senior BJP leader insisted that the Chief Minister
and the Centre should keep the welfare of all parts of the
state- including Jammu and Ladakh- in mind while formulating
policies and plans.

Joshi also said that before the state visit of US
President Barack Obama to India, the government should ask
Pakistan to close all terrorist training camps on its soil and
stop exporting terror.

State BJP chief Shamsher Singh Manhas said in Jammu that
the Governor should dismiss the Omar Abdullah Government for
being "unconstitutional and undemocratic".

Omar has violated all norms he should observe as an
elected member of the state Assembly and as the head of
government, Manhas told reporters here.
"Hence, he has no locus standi to continue in power. In
fact, it is total failure of constitutional machinery," he

Manhas said Omar has exceeded the limits by raising a
question mark over the complete and irrevocable accession of
the state.

"Congress party has adopted a criminal silence over
the issue. The way BJP MLAs were manhandled in the state
Assembly on October 7, it is nothing but murder of democracy,"
he said.

The state government has failed to discharge its
constitutional obligation to protect the life and property
of citizens, he said, adding that Omar has no moral right to
continue in power.


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