Former bureaucrats unsure of role in bringing stability

Former bureaucrats, who are seeking to contest coming LS polls from Jharkhand on tickets from different political parties, are not sure if they can play any role in bringing about stability.

PTI| Updated: Feb 23, 2014, 20:48 PM IST

Ranchi: Former bureaucrats, who are seeking to contest the coming Lok Sabha election from Jharkhand on tickets from different political parties, are not sure if they can play any role in bringing about stability in the state which witnessed nine governments in 13 years.
All of them said they joined politics only to work for the people.

"It is the people who can bring stability by voting one party to power or give a fragmented mandate. But coalitions can also run. My idea of joining politics is to work hard for the development of people," retired IAS officer Mukhtiar Singh, who joined the BJP, said.

Asked if bureaucrats joining politics could bring stability and development to the state, he said, "I can`t say that, but I had been with the people during my service period. And I have joined the BJP to continue my work for them."
Asked on his choice of constituency, Singh said it was up to the BJP leadership to decide.

Former Indian cricket team manager Amitabh Choudhary, who recently took voluntary retirement from the post of Additional Director General of Police to contest elections, was cautious in his reply.

People would judge whether bureaucrats were fit for the role of a politician and could play a role in curbing corruption, Choudhary, who has already announced that he would contest from Ranchi constituency, but is still looking for a party to join.

Sitting MP of Jharkhand Vikas Morcha (Prajatantric), Ajoy Kumar, a former IPS officer and expecting a ticket from his party again from Jamshedpur, said he joined politics to work for the people.

Former Inspector General of Police (Dumka Division) Arun Oraon of the Punjab cadre said he had sought VRS and applied to the BJP desiring to contest from Lohardaga LS seat.
"It all depends upon with which mindset the civil servants
are entering the field. I am keen to work for the people of Jharkhand to improve their lives," Oraon said.

Oraon mentioned another ex-IPS officer who lost two elections after winning the 2004 LS polls as Congress nominee.

"After closely watching the Jharkhand situation for the last 13 years, people want someone who is literate and can perform," he said.

On his vision of Jharkhand`s development, he said, "The civil servants require a good political leadership to perform. You can see how the neighbouring Bihar government worked with the same bureaucracy after ousting the Lalu Prasad regime. The civil servants want to work, but good political leadership should be there."

Former Jharkhand police chief V D Ram who joined the BJP last year and is expecting a ticket from the party, said he desired to be with the people and work for them.

Former Jharkhand police chief J B Mahapatra was blunt when he said bureaucrats joining politics would not do any good.

"It will not benefit the politics much, rather they would find it difficult to cope with it. They cannot fit in politics," Mahapatra said but refused to clarify why.

Another former top cop of Jharkhand G S Rath, however, was guarded in his observations.

"It will depend upon their determination, attitude and acceptability to the people. Whether they can mould themselves in the role of political masters is a separate thing, but it is definitely a welcome trend that intellectuals are joining politics," Rath said and expressed hope that more bureaucrats join before Jharkhand Assembly elections.

Both Rath and Mahapatra, however, said they did not have any plans to join politics.