Must look at reasons on fractured mandates: Munda

Jharkhand has witnessed eight governments since its inception in 2000, mostly due to two fractured verdicts.

Ranchi: Jharkhand Chief Minister Arjun Munda
on Sunday suggested the media to ponder over reasons behind
fractured mandate to make the largest democracy of the world
vibrant to the fullest extent.

"To get the democratic system function to the fullest,
everyone should look at the fractured mandates and find
solutions to throw a true majority," Munda said, referring to
the "unfortunate" outcome of results not throwing a majority
in the true sense.

The chief minister’s statement came in the background of
Jharkhand witnessing eight governments since its inception in
2000, mostly due to two fractured verdicts, and Munda heading
a BJP-led coalition government for the third time.

Speaking on the occasion of "The Prabhat Khabar"
newspaper’s 27th foundation day in the presence of notable
editors of different regional and national newspapers here,
Munda referred to Anna Hazare and his movement on
anti-corruption Lokpal bill as well.

"Anna Hazare’s movement is on, and debates are going on
now. But solutions are not coming up. We are all seriously
thinking on the issue of corruption how to tackle it? In which
shape should polices (to curb corruption) be made? All these
queries need to be debated thoroughly," he said.

Without naming the three pillars of the constitutions -
Executive, Legislature and Judiciary, Munda said efforts
should be made to prevent democratic pillars from clashing to
make democracy reflect in every individual by way of giving
equal rights to everyone.


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