PLA providing training to Naxal in Jharkhand

The central paramilitary force along with the state police have been combing Sarju jungles in Lathehar district to hunt for Naxals of PLA.

Ranchi: Extremist groups from Northeast have
added a new dimension to Left Wing Extremism especially in
Jharkhand as they appeared have aligned together with cadres
of Manipur`s banned People`s Liberation Army providing arms
training to Naxal groups.

"There have been many instances in various operations
where we have raided and collected evidence as well as killed
fighters belonging to Northeast outfits. This clearly
indicates exchange of technical know-how of armed insurgents
from the Northeast with the Naxal outfits operating in
Jharkhand," says Deputy Inspector General Operations (CRPF),
Chaibasa, Bhanu Pratap Singh.

The central paramilitary force along with the state
police have been combing Sarju jungles in Lathehar district to
hunt for Naxals and insurgents of PLA.
"We had information that a group from People`s Liberation
Army Manipur had travelled to Jharkhand to provide weapons`
training to Naxal groups operating here. According to our
information a large number of cadres from PLA will join the
red outfits here in their fight," says another senior official
of the para-military force.

The combing operation code-named `Operation Hop - 2` in
the Sarju jungles had begun earlier this month and has brought
out evidence of groups from Northeast aligning with banned
Naxal groups, the CRPF official claims.

Jharkhand has been the most Naxal violence affected state
after Chhattisgarh and also forms the red-corner axis of Left
Wing extremists and the presence of PLA and other northeast
groups means more problems for security forces, the official

The districts of Palamu and Chatra are key Naxal-affected
districts in Jharkhand, a state where 18 out of 22 districts
are fighting Left wing extremism. There are over six Naxal
outfits operating, of which five -- Tritiya Sammelan Prastuti
Committee (TSPC), Jharkhand Liberation Tigers (JLT), Sarwastra
Pupili Sammorcha (SPS), Jharkhand Prastuti Committee (JPC) and
Jharkhand Jan Murti Parishad (JJMP) are more active.
Another problem dogging the anti-Naxal operation was
co-ordination between various state police forces in the
red-corridor spanning from Andhra Pradesh to Jharkhand,
involving states like Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh,
Orissa and parts of Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.

"We are trying to talk to the chief ministers of the
Naxal-affected states for better accessibility in the
connected forest areas. There are plans to depute DIGs in
these states, so that joint-operations could be worked out,"
said IG CRPF, Jharkhand, D K Pandey.

"The situation can be brought under control if the Centre
asks the forest departments along with the CRPF and the state
police to keep a strict vigil in forest area. The forest
department should also have active participation to rid the
state from this internal security threat," he said.