Women sexually exploited in Maoist groups: Police

Police have alleged that the Maoists have been sexually exploiting women, specially in remote and backward villages.

Ranchi: Police have alleged that the Maoists have been sexually exploiting women, especially in remote and backward villages.

Most women Maoists who either surrendered or were arrested, including one who recently gave herself up in West Bengal, have alleged that they were sexually exploited, a
senior Jharkhand police officer said.

"They are exploiting economic weakness, social weakness and remoteness of villages, which are mostly situated near or surrounded by forests," Inspector General of Police, RK Malik told a news agency.

He said a large number of condom packets were found in Maoist hideouts during recent operations in Khunti and Bokaro

"These people go to the villages to seek shelter. The villagers might be afraid to complain against them. But whatever reports we have, they are exploiting the women, no
doubt," Malik said.

Malik disagreed that tribals were being sandwiched between the police and the Maoists saying it was the ultras who were targeting tribals and exploiting them, while the police were helping tribals under its `community policing`.

"The notion of this movement being in support of tribals or being in their interest is false," contended Malik.

"The Maoists killed Special Branch officer Francis Induwar last year in Jharkhand and Bihar Military Police Lucas Tete in Bihar. Both were tribals. If you take a look at the
number of civilians whom they have killed mindlessly, most are tribals," Malik said.

"Ninety percent of the Maoist cadre don’t know the ABC of ideology and are limited to creating terror. Creating terror is the only ideology understood by the cadre," he said.
He said to help young men who initially joined the Maoists following personal problems or to settle scores and were trapped, `Operation Nai Disha` was launched recently for
them to return to the mainstream.

Ten Maoists surrendered after Operation Nai Disha was launched on July 31.

Six Naxal outfits, including Maoists were active in Jharkhand, where 18 of the 24 districts have been declared Maoist-hit.