BJP members rejoice after Yeddyurappa wins trust vote

Jubiliant BJP members flashed victory signs as the saffron power won the trust vote in the Karnataka Assembly for the second time in a week.

Bangalore: Jubiliant BJP members on Thursday
flashed victory signs as the saffron power won the trust vote
in the Karnataka Assembly for the second time in a week.

The Speaker`s announcement that the BJP had sailed
through the confidence motion with 106 votes was welcomed with
shouts of joy.

Elated BJP members raised victory slogans as soon as
the party won the second confidence motion.

Several ministers including Katta Subramanya Naidu and
BJP MLAs rushed towards Chief Minister Yeddyurappa and
congratulated him on winning the trust vote.

However, the Congress and JDS members are still
optimistic as the validity of the second trust vote is linked
to the High Court order relating to disqualification of 11 BJP
MLAs and five independents.

The scene during the vote of confidence today was very
different from that on October 11 when bedlam marred the
proceedings and opposition members resorted to slogan shouting
after the BJP was declared victorious by a voice vote.

This time around decorum and restrain was clearly
visible in the House as the vote of confidence was taken up
through a division of vote, as demanded by the opposition.

A strong posse of police personnel stood guard before
the entrance of Vidhan Soudha while a large number of marshals
took their positions inside the House as the special session
of the House convened today.

The earlier scenes of supporters trying to push their
way into the precincts of the Assembly was missing today with
the police putting in place stringent security clearance
measures and barring entry to non-members.

Earlier, MLAs, who were brought in buses by their
respective parties, were subjected to a security check.

The speaker yesterday had barred the entry of 16
disqualified MLAs.

Yellow iron barricades lined the entrance of the
Vidhan Soudha, preventing any mass entry into the House.

Stringent security measures were also in place for media
personnel trying to enter the House with the speaker
restricting the number of media personnel entering the House.

Inside the House, marshals stood guard. Police patrol
vans just a few metres away from the House were deployed to
prevent any untoward incident. Traffic in and around the area
was also diverted.

Opposition Congress leader in the Assembly Siddaramaih
said, "We wanted to participate in the proceedings that day
(October 11). We wanted to participate in voting also. But
police in uniform present in the House tried to prevent us
from entering the House. Police had locked the doors".


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