Govt directed to convene a meeting on med. colleges issue

Ktk HC directed govt to hold a meeting with representatives of medical colleges of Hassan and Mysore to find possibility if paramedic appointees can be permitted to work till govt gives its decision.

Bangalore: The Karnataka High Court on Tuesday directed the government to hold a meeting with representatives of medical colleges of Hassan and Mysore to explore the possibility whether paramedic appointees, whose appointments have been cancelled, can be permitted to work till the government gives its decision.

After hearing Additional Advocate General K M Nataraj,on the batch of petitions filed by the two medical colleges challenging the cancellation of appointments of 375 para
medical staff of the two colleges, Justice Ram Mohan Reddy adjourned it to October 6.

He directed the government to call for a meeting between the representatives of the Medical Education Minister (who is the Chairman of the governing council of the colleges) and the representatives and counsel to explore the possibility of the
appointees being permitted to work till the government decides on the issue.

"Till then I will temporarily adjourn hearing of petitions to October 6.In the event of resettlement earlier, the court can be moved. Hopefully it will end peacefully", he stated. Earlier he suggested that the government take "balanced view of the situation, have the courage of conviction and let the appointees continue to work till the government decides".

"The government goes about doling public money for various purposes including crores of rupees for the memorial of a late actor who himself earned crores in acting, but people who are living gods according to Swami Vivekananda, you are treating them like this", the judge said.

"Your own set of representatives made the mistake, take them to task, why punish these people", he observed. Expressing displeasure on the issue being "discussed in public by a minister", he asked the AAG to convey to the government that "no member of the Legislative Assembly will discuss the issue in public when the court is seized of the

Responding to a reporter`s query, after a review meeting yesterday, Medical Education Minister S A Ramadas said "the issue will be decided after the court verdict".