Hegde`s comments not in good taste: Gowda

Under fire from the BJP and the JDS, Santosh Hegde had Wednesday hit back at BSY, challenging him to disclose documents to support his allegation.

Bangalore: Karnataka Chief Minister DV
Sadananda Gowda on Thursday termed the comments made by former
Kanataka Lokayukta Santosh Hegde about his government as "not
in good taste befitting the post Hegde held".

Under fire from the BJP and the JDS, Hegde had yesterday
hit back at Yeddyurappa, challenging him to disclose documents
to support his allegation that he had been offered a top post
at the Centre by the Congress-led UPA.

"If there is material why does he not produce it...
instead of making oral allegations," Hegde had said.

He said the Lokayukta institution was sought to be
denigrated for "what it has done in the last 10 years" in
terms of arresting the corrupt. "They don`t want the
institution to continue. You give a dog bad name and then kill
it. This seems to be the principle."

Hegde had come under renewed attack by BJP and JDS
leaders after a former Lokayukta SP, K Madhukar Shetty alleged
in a newspaper interview that the Lokayukta was not free from
corruption and that there were black sheep in it.

Gowda said there was no proposal before the government to
wind up the Lokayukta institution or to curtain its powers,
and added, "personally I have lot of respect for Hegde".

The chief minister also questioned why, when the BJP
government entrusted the then Lokayukta with probing illegal
mining from 2000-2010, Hegde had only probed a period of four
years (2006-2010).

The BJP leader alleged that though the interim report on
illegal mining by Hegde had indicted former Karnataka chief
minister N Dharam Singh and recommended that losses caused by
him should be recovered, the recommendation had been dropped.

"Who dropped the recommendation? It was the Governor. Why
Hegde is not talking about it," Gowda asked.

The chief minister said apart from instances where there
were only vague references to officials allegedly involved in
the scam, the government had taken action against those
officials who had been specifically named.


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