Indian nurse goes missing in Saudi Arabia following ‘forced’ kidney extraction

Mystery clouds the case of a 23-year old Indian nurse Tanaz Shaikh, hailing from Belgaum (Karnataka), who went missing in Saudia Arabia, following `forced` kidney extraction.

Belgaum (Karnataka): Mystery clouds the case of a 23-year old Indian nurse, Tanaz Shaikh, who went missing in Saudia Arabia, following ``forced`` kidney extraction.
Tanaz, who joined Mouwasat Hospital in Riyadh as a nurse in March 2010, developed a severe stomachache that persisted for a few months.

Tanaz’s mother, Shamshad Shaikh, asked her to return to India for treatment. However, doctors at the hospital forced Tanaz to get her kidney removed. The operation was conducted in September 2010, ignoring Tanaz’s objections.

Shamshad alleged that the kidney was removed without her daughter’s consent.

"My daughter Tanaz had gone to Saudi Arabia. She was told that she has some problem in her kidney, but there was no problem. I told her not to get her kidney removed and not to get operated and I said that if there were any problem, we would get her treatment done here. But, they operated upon her and removed her kidney," she said yesterday.

Shamshad, presently in anguish, said that Tanaz would cry over the phone and used to tell her that she was in trouble.

She said that they had written a letter to the Indian Embassy as well as to the hospital in Riyadh, which yielded no response.

"I contacted my people; I had not gone to the Deputy Superintendent of Police. She (Tanaz Shaikh) would call me and cry over the phone, saying that she was in trouble and she would ask us to call her back home. We wrote a letter to the Indian embassy, the hospital in Saudi Arabia, but I did not get any reply. I want my daughter to return; I don’t know where she is. She has not even spoken to me. I just want to have her back at any cost," she said.

According to media reports, Tanaz’s health deteriorated after the removal of her kidney and she was getting more and more depressed during her forced confinement in Riyadh.

Meanwhile, social activist Akhila Pathan said that Indians, who often go abroad to earn money, are victimized and taken advantage on several occasions.

She cited the case of Indian dentist Dr. Savita Halappanavar, who was refused termination of her pregnancy at a hospital in Ireland.

"Her mother is very disturbed. She told me that she is unable to bear the trauma, after her daughter called her up and started crying over the phone. She has written a letter to the embassy, and is yet to receive any reply. Nobody sent a reply from the hospital she worked at. Indians are often harassed when they go abroad," said Pathan.

"Indians often go abroad to earn good money, with high levels of poverty prevalent in our country. Unfortunately, people abroad take advantage of our condition. Savita Halappanavar’s case recently took place and I think Tanaz Shaikh’s case is almost the same," she added.


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