Karna Goveror rejects demand for Right to recall

Karnataka Governor HR Bhardwaj rejected Anna Hazare`s demand for right to recall elected representatives.

Bangalore: Karnataka Governor H R Bhardwaj on Wednesday rejected Anna Hazare`s demand for right to recall elected
representatives, saying it was not feasible in a "huge"
democratic country like India as it would create political

"There should not be the provision for right to recall. Can
we do it in a huge country like India?," he said, without
taking Hazare`s name at Voters Day celebrations here.

Right to reject, the idea that there should be an option on
a ballot paper (or a voting machine) to reject all candidates has been debated in India for some time.
Even Dr B R Ambedkar had rejected the inclusion of right to
recall provision in his reply to the Constituent Assembly,
Bhardwaj argued.

Instead of pitching for right to recall, voters should
exercise their voting rights prudently by choosing a good
candidate, he said.

"Don`t elect bad elements to Parliament and state
assemblies. They swallow your money and rights, bring criminal
elements into the functioning of the system," Bhardwaj said.
The golden Gandhi-Nehruvian era should be brought back
when there were hardly any tainted leaders elected to
Parliament and state assemblies, he said.

"Younger generation does not demand corrupt people
occupying seats of power."

The government should not interfere in the affairs of
Election Commission, he said.

Rapping Team Anna for reportedly making remarks that
Parliament and state assemblies do not represent people,
Bhardwaj said it was a dangerous trend that would encourage
mobocracy in the country.

"It is clearly laid down in the Constitution that `we
the people of India shall elect our representatives.` How can
we give this power to any other forum (Team Anna). Even the
Supreme Court had rejected this theory," he argued.

Bhardwaj also urged political parties to shun using caste
factor to fight elections as it divides communities.


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