Karnataka CM slams opposition for trying to destabilise his govt

Karnataka CM BS Yeddyurappa slammed the opposition Congress-JDS combine for attempting to destablise his government.

Bangalore: Karnataka Chief Minister B S
Yeddyurappa on Thursday slammed the opposition Congress-JDS combine for attempting to destablise his government and said he had
created "history of sorts" by winning the trust vote for a
second time in a gap of three days.

"I thank all those who supported my government. The
government winning the trust vote today is a victory of
democracy. In the history of the country, there is no instance
of a government proving majority within three days after
winning the trust vote", he said.

"I have created history of sorts by winning the trust
vote for the second time in three days", Yeddyurappa told
reporters after winning the motion of confidence by 106-100

As per the Constitution requirement, a government need
not seek the floor test within six months after winning it on
the floor of the House; he said pointing out to the compulsion
he came under to face the trial of strength for the second
time in a week.

"Without resorting to the path of confrontation on the
advise of the BJP high command, I accepted the directive by
the Honourable Governor to prove the majority of my government
for the second time today. I proved that my government enjoys
the confidence of this House", a beaming Yeddyurappa said.

The events that swept the political scene of the state
in the past one week during which the opposition tried to
topple an elected government have put a "black spot" on the
otherwise good image of Karnataka, he said.

"I appeal to the people to forget this era of black
days and extend cooperation in continuing development works
and revive the good cultural image the state had enjoyed", he
appealed. Yeddyurappa charged that there have been attempts from
opposition parties to destablise his government ever since it
assumed office in 2008.

"At least hereafter let the opposition parties give up
their plans to topple my government and extend cooperation for
taking the state on the developmental path", he said.

Yeddyurappa said he would not succumb to any "lobby"
and strive towards protecting the resources of the state.

Yeddyurappa, who seemed to have been agitated over the
campaign unleashed by Congress and JDS against its government
over various scams including on denotification of lands and
illegal mining, described it as "dim lamp glowing brighter
before getting extinguished".

"Instead of becoming beacon for development of the
state, they have turned into a devastating fire that has
engulfed the good image of the state", Yeddyurappa hit out at
both the opposition.

He took a dig at former Chief Minister and JDS leader
H D Kumaraswamy for his remarks on "dharma", saying "what is
dharma and adharma, Kumaraswamy should tell the people".

"I have learnt many a lessons in the last two-and-a
-half years. Learning from this experience, I will now focus
on development activities", he promised.