Manipuri youth attacked in Bangalore; police detain three

In yet another incident of a racist attack, a 25-year-old Manipuri youth was allegedly attacked by three people in IT city Bangalore, reports said on Thursday.

Bangalore: In yet another incident of a racist attack, a 22-year-old Manipuri youth was attacked by three people in IT city Bangalore on Wednesday.

The youth from the northeast state registered a complaint with the police. The 25-year-old, who was badly injured has been hospitalised.

Samuel, who is currently in a hospital, said he was attacked when the assailants realised that he was different looking.

Meanwhile, the Bangalore Police stated that the previous day's incident in which a man hailing from the northeast was attacked was a drunken altercation.

"Three people who were drunk were walking on the road when they saw this Manipuri student. When they saw him, there was an altercation. I don't want to delve into what extent it could be occasioned by the fact that the student was from the northeast, because we are dealing with three drunken people," Bangalore Police Commissioner MN Reddi told ANI.

"When they had an altercation, they had a fight. They hit him and he was injured. He was admitted. The local police acted very swiftly and the assailants have been booked under the appropriate sections of the law. Action will be taken against them," he added.

This is not the first hate crime against 'outsiders', especially people from the northeast.

The latest incident comes a month after, three students from the northeast were allegedly beaten in October in a Bangalore locality for not speaking Kannada.

The group was speaking in English while they waited for the food to be served. A group of Kannadiga youngsters, who were sitting at the adjacent table, objected to the Manipuri youth speaking in English.

The police later arrested the local youth and booked them for intimidation and assault.

Bangalore is home to around 240,000 people from the northeast. In 2012, a rumour that they will be attacked had led to a mass exodus before things were brought under control by the state government.

In a similar incident, three students, including a girl, belonging to the northeast region, were allegedly beaten up by some residents of Lajpat Nagar area of Delhi in the month of October.

According to police, the three youths are residents of Assam and are pursuing a course in photography. The incident took place when they were roaming around in Prakash Colony and clicking pictures.