Sorabjee opposed to higher judiciary under Lokpal

Soli Sorabjee opposed demands to bring higher judiciary under Lokpal, saying they could be "judged" only by an authoritative body of experts.

Updated: Dec 04, 2011, 20:29 PM IST

Bangalore: Eminent jurist and former Advocate
General of India, Soli Sorabjee, on Sunday opposed demands to
bring higher judiciary under the proposed Lokpal Bill, saying
they could be "judged" only by an authoritative body of

"How can lay persons, litigants and lawyers on a (Lokpal)
panel judge the Judges? May be the Judges are not above board,
but only a comprehensive body can take care of watching their
conduct," the former Solicitor General of India told reporters
in response to questions.

"Judges cannot come under scrutiny of a sort of body, which
contains lawyers who slam the judiciary whenever they lose a
case. Decisions like removal of a judge can only be taken by a
body that consists of Judges and Chief Justices of the present
and the past," he said.

"They should bring up the Judicial Accountability Bill,"
added Sorabjee, who earlier delivered the R Venkataraman
Commemorative Lecture on `The Sanctity of Law in Letter and
Spirit,` organised by the R Venkataraman Memorial Committee
and Essae Foundation in memory of the late President.

On the anti-corruption struggle launched by Anna Hazare, he
said while the anti-graft activist is a good and non-political
man, it was unfortunate that the movement had "lost its
direction". Instead of concentrating on the campaign against
corruption, Team Anna members were indulging in "unnecessary"
acts, he said.

Sorabjee criticised the anti-Congress campaign by some
Team Anna members in the recent Hissar by-election. "...what
will the people who supported him think," Sorabjee asked.