Sri Sri ashram hits out at Chidambaram

AOL expressed displeasure over PC`s "damaging" statement on the shooting incident.

Bangalore: The Art of Living Foundation today
expressed "displeasure" over what it described as "hasty and
damaging" statement of Union Home Minister P Chidambaram on
Sunday`s shooting incident at its ashram here, over which
conflicting versions have emerged.

"Without any basis, one cannot jump to conclusions that
there are conflicting groups or there was a brawl. Such a
statement from a person holding such a responsible position
was unwarranted," the Foundation said.

"This has hurt the sentiments of millions of followers,"
Ashram Administrator Narendra Lamba said in a statement here,
three days after an unidentified gunman fired a shot at the
convoy of the 54-year-old AOL founder Sri Sri Ravishankar, who
had escaped unhurt.

"We express our displeasure over the hasty and damaging
statement of Honourable Union Home Minister P Chidambaram,"
Lamba said.

Chidambaram had stated that Ravishankar "may not" have
been the target and the incident could be the result of a
dispute between two of his disciples.

Ravishankar had said that the incident "cannot be brushed
off as some personal enmity and I am very hurt at such

Karnataka police had described it as an `incident` and
not an attack, over which the spiritual guru had expressed
his displeasure saying the police cannot absolve itself of its
responsibility by taking it lightly and it has to be
investigated properly".