Kerala firm on commitment to build Mullaperiyar dam

Kerala affirmed its commitment to build a new dam at Mullaperiyar in place of the 116-year old structure.

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala on Thursday affirmed its
commitment to build a new dam at Mullaperiyar in place of the
116-year old structure, saying its resolve to do so is based on
the principle of `water for Tamil Nadu and safety for Kerala`.

Governor H R Bhardwaj in his address to the legislative
assembly to mark the start of budget session, said the issue
relating to the dam over which Kerala has a long standing
dispute with Tamil Nadu is the foremost crisis the UDF
government has had to face since coming to power in May 2011.

He said Kerala is keen to preserve and foster the long
standing cordial relaions between both states and that the
state welcomes an amicable resolution to the crisis.
"On this issue, the state has shown solidarity and
unanimity in its stand on construction of a new dam at
Mullaperiyar, rising above partisan considerations," he said.

The Governor pointed out the Kerala State Disaster
Management Authority has formulated a crisis management plan
for the dam in the wake of `grave risks` arising from its
safety .

Kerala is insisting on construction of a new dam, arguing
that the present structure in Idukki,bordering the two states,
is weak. But Tamil Nadu, which gets water from the dam to
irrigate five districts, is opposed to this stand,holding that
it is strong as the state has taken up peridical maintenance.
The dispute is now before the Supreme Court, which has
appointed an Empowered Committee to examine the safety and
other aspects of the present dam.


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