BJP government doing business in Madhya Pradesh: Digvijay

Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh attacked the BJP govt in MP of governing the state, it was "doing business".

Jabalpur: Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh on Monday attacked the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh saying instead of governing the state, it was "doing

"BJP is not governing, rather it is doing business in Madhya Pradesh," Singh told reporters here before wrapping up his three-day visit to Mahakoshal area. The Congress general secretary claimed that raids at government officials` places had unearthed millions of rupees amassed unlawfully.

"If raids are conducted at the houses and offices of Madhya Pradesh ministers, billions of rupees will be unearthed," the former MP chief minister said. Singh rubbished Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan`s claim that the Centre was discriminating against the state and said Madhya Pradesh was getting five-fold more funds than what
his government got seven years ago.

He said while the state government claimed of signing Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) with industrial houses to the tune of crores of rupees, "it is not seen at the ground
level". Singh said BJP had made an election promise seven years ago to provide uninterrupted power to people in Madhya Pradesh in 100 days.

"It is yet to happen. Now they are promising to provide 24 hours power by 2013," he said. Singh claimed that the electricity generation capacity of Madhya Pradesh had remained the same in seven years and charged that the Plant Load Factor (PLF) of Thermal Power Stations has dipped to 63 per cent from 73 per cent in that period.
He alleged that State Home Minister Umashanker Gupta had convened a meeting of top police officers at RSS office in Ratlam where he had handed over names of 250 people to the police. "The police officers were directed to arrest these people on attempt to urder," he said.

Asked to comment over Union Home Minister P Chidambaram`s remark on `saffron terror`, Singh said that saffron stands for valour and religion, and BJP did not have monopoly over this word.