Journalist murder: STF wants to conduct narco test

Rai, his wife, son and daughter were found murdered inside their house on February 17 and the case was handed over to the STF for probe.

Bhopal: The Special Task Force (STF),
which is probing last week`s murder of a journalist and his
family in Umaria town here, wants to counduct narco analysis
test and DNA profiling on the two arrested to collect
"irrefutable" evidence in the case, sources said.

Highly-placed sources in the police department said on
the condition of anonymity that since the STF wants a
"foolproof" case against the accused, so that they do not get
any benefit during the trial, efforts are on to collect
"irrefutable" evidences in the case.

"The STF will apply for conducting the narco tests on
the arrested persons, besides their DNA profiling and collect
evidences by adopting more advanced technologies, so that they
don`t get any benefit during the trial of the murder case and
subsequently get released," sources added.

They said that the involvement of two arrested persons
Amit Singh and Vidhyaniwas Tiwari is clear and evidences
collected from the crime site, will ultimately be proved
against them on the basis of scientific probe.

"The STF is probing the case more in a scientific
manner than the traditional one to build up its case against
the arrested persons," they said.

Rai, his wife Durga, son Jalaj and daughter Nisha were
found murdered inside their house on February 17 and the case
was handed over to the STF for probe.

Two days ago, the STF had said that Rai was
blackmailing a gang, who had recently kidnapped the son of a
local PWD engineer. One of the kidnappers, Vidhyaniwas Tiwari,
was Rai`s neighbour. Rai had learnt who the kidnappers were,
and had started blackmailing them, they had said.

"The kidnapping of the boy and the murder are linked
to each other," sources said adding that Umaria police had
"erred a little" in claiming earlier that the murder case has
been solved.

They added that efforts are on to nab the absconding
accused in the case.

Meanwhile, state Congress chief Kantilal Bhuria today
alleged that he had been told that apparently the mining mafia
was also involved in the murder case and attempts are on to
save "powerful people", associated with the mining mafia in
the state.