MP CM talks investment in Singapore

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan wooed Singapore`s top investors on Monday.

Singapore: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan wooed Singapore`s top investors here on Monday, briefing them on a range of potential investment opportunities in the state, particularly in the field of infrastructure, tourism and agri processing.

At a breakfast meeting with Singapore`s top company executives, including the state-owned Temasek Group and the trade and investment agency International Enterprise, Chauhan spoke about the potential of investing in the central Indian state.

Chauhan said he presented Madhya Pradesh as a major investment destination in India, and highlighted his pro-investment opportunities.

"The investment can be made through joint ventures, public private participation and collaboration in heavy duty projects such as infrastructure along the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor," he said in his presentation to the seminar attended more about 300 delegates.

Other projects include water treatment, tourism, hotel and golf resorts and agri-food processing businesses.

In agriculture, Madhya Pradesh was a major soya producer, leading in lentil production and was set to become the biggest wheat producer, taking over from Punjab, he pointed out.

"We are already the second largest wheat producer, having tipped Haryana," stressed Chauhan, highlighting his one-window investment approval scheme to accelerate development in other sectors of the state economy.

Chauhan said he has set a target of 12 per cent a year growth for Madhya Pradesh`s economy for the next five years, having achieved 10.2 per cent growth in the past five years, having taken over from a negative economic growth situation.

Chauhan assured investors that he chaired investment committee meeting every Monday as chief executive officer of investment, and would ensure all proposals would be given due consideration.

Concluding his first trade delegation visit to Japan, South Korea and Singapore, Chauhan said he was satisfied to have raised the profile of Madhya Pradesh, which previously was not as much known as other Indian states which have been regularly hosting international fora to seek foreign investments.

"We have also received very keen response from investors to participate in the Global Investment Summit to be held in Madhya Pradesh in October," he said.

"I feel we will benefit from this trip as many companies have expressed keen interest in attending the summit to evaluate potential investment in the state," said Chauhan, who addressed the investors, along with State Commerce, Industry & Employment Minister Kailash Vijayvargia.