One `missing` cub sighted at Panna, no trace of two others

Last Updated: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 - 22:47

Bhopal: In some relief to wildlife
lovers, one of the three cubs that had gone "missing" in
Madhya Pradesh`s Panna Tiger reserve has been sighted with
its mother, the country`s first translocated tigress to give

Panna sanctuary field director R Sreenivasa Murthy
said that the tigress was seen with her two cubs yesterday
and hoped that the other two will be sighted soon.

"We are monitoring the movement of the radio-collared
tigress round the clock and hope that she will be able to
trace the two missing cubs. We can hear her making attempts to
communicate with her cubs through call and scent marks," he

The four-year-old tigress was translocated last year
from Bandhavgarh sanctuary to Panna park with an aim to
repopulate the species there. The efforts received a boost
with the birth of the four cubs in May.

However, the officials were on their toes early this
month when they could not sight three of the cubs with the
tigress whose movements were being tracked through the
radio-collar as well manually.

"It was on September 9 we had direct sighting of one
cubs with the mother who was limping because of bruises she
had received in a fight with the male tiger first on August 29
and then September 5," the field director said.

Usually, tiger tries to kills the cubs to mate with
the tigress.

"Initially, we were worried about her injuries as the
wound was at the place where she was finding it difficult to
lick. After she located another cub, we are a bit relieved.
However, we are hopeful that she will be able to trace the
other two other missing cubs as well," he added.

"So far we have not got any negative signs (about
their existence). We are just waiting and watching the
movement of the mother tigress. How soon she is able to reach
them depends on her sociology and cleverness," Murthy said.

On the whereabouts of the other translocated tigress,
he said that its radio-collar had stopped functioning for long
and was being tracked through pugmarks.

"But for last 6-7 days we are not sighting her. She`s
a very elusive feline," he said of the animal that was
relocated from Kanha to Panna spread over 543 sq km.


First Published: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 - 22:47
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