Rahul takes on Modi, says people`s dignity more important than development

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi addresses a rally in Madhya Pradesh.

By Kamna Arora | Updated: Oct 17, 2013, 21:06 PM IST

Zee Media Bureau/Kamna Arora and Supriya Jha

4:55 pm: Rahul Gandhi concludes the speech in Gwalior.

4:52 pm: The BJP only talks about construction of roads, and not about the people who walk on those roads.

4:50pm: There is no employment in Madhya Pradesh.

4:48 pm: The BJP just keeps on signing different MoUs. How many have got jobs because of MoUs? MoUs does not bring employment.

4:46 pm: Tell the politicians to visit the villages and see how the people there are getting the benefit of the scheme. No child will ever remain hungry.

4:44 pm: More people are hungry in Madhya Pradesh than in Africa. Politicians will not understand the impact of Food Security Bill, but the poor will.

4:42 pm: The fact that the stampede tragedy happened twice at the same place, means that the government does not respect the dead.

4:40 pm: The stampede had taken place at the same place in 2006. But in which pradesh, does a tragedy get repeated? It happens in Madhya Pradesh.

4:38 pm: I am going to Datia now, where people have died in the stampede. But the CM did not pay a visit.

4:37 pm: The MP government does not respect its public.

4:34 pm: Is there anything more important than development? Yes, dignity is more important than development. Unless you have self-respect, you can never get development.

4:32 pm: If the government needs anybody`s land, they must bring in the land acquisition bill. Be it a farmer, labourer or dalit, we will pay them the price. We will pay them four times the market rate.

4:30 pm: The opposition always obstruct us in the Parliament. It makes fun of us. We fought for Bhatta Parsaul, they made fun. But when the poor people`s land is taken away, nobody questions.

4:28 pm: The government provided land to the mafia but when we talk of land acquisition bill in the Parliament, they question us.

4:24 pm: Madhya Pradesh is "Bhrastachar ki paathshala". This is the university of corruption. You can`t avail admissions in schools or colleges here because the MP govt has opened the schools of corruption, the university of corruption.

4:20 pm: Whenever we want to work for poor, we are questioned. The main question that is raised is that of money. They talk of corruption rampant in the entire India. But what about Madhya Pradesh?

4:16 pm: Rahul Gandhi addresses rally in Gwalior.
3:57 pm: Rahul Gandhi reaches Gwalior.

2:15 pm: Rahul Gandhi will soon address a rally in Gwalior.

2:10 pm: Rahul Gandhi concludes speech.

2:09 pm: I see one lacuna in the whole of India with regard to tribals. Your number is less in Parliament and Assemblies. We have to change in the coming time. As long as the voice of tribals is not heard in Parliament and Assemblies, their problems will not be solved. I am with you in this fight. We do not share a political relationship, but of love and respect.

2:08 pm: We will have a young government here in Madhya Pradesh. We have to change Madhya Pradesh. And Congress will do this task. Thanks for attending the rally.

2:07 pm: Poor will be respected, they will be provided with food, vows Rahul Gandhi.

2:06 pm: If you want land, market price has to be doled out.

2:05 pm: They talk of development, lands - How much money do you get? Nothing. We fought for you in Bhatta Parsaul, Aligarh, here. Are youth here? Have you got employment? Say loudly, I can`t hear you.

2:04 pm: Shivraj Chouhan talked about power plants. But how much did you get? Zero watts – Rahul Gandhi

2:03 pm: In five years, NDA built 2,650kms roads and in nine years, UPA constructed 9,570 km roads. And yet when they talk of development, they talk of roads - Rahul Gandhi

2: 01 pm: These people don`t want the common man, dalits, tribals to get into their AC rooms, in Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha.

2:00 pm: I want to begin a new form of politics, where leaders come to your home, eat food and ask "Bhaiya kya baat hai?"

1:58 pm: By that time voting had started. This time I was adamant that she has to go to hospital. I dragged her to hospital. But even then she was not ready to go. She was crying. And I asked her and she told me that she wanted to vote for the bill but could not. This is not about politics. It`s about respect.

1:57 pm: I was sitting behind in the House and was watching my mother as I knew she was not well. After sometime, I saw her leave with (Kumari) Selja (minister of social justice and empowerment). I got little worried. I told her let`s go to hospital. But she refused. She said `I will not leave until the food bill is passed`. She said `do whatever you want to do, but I will not leave. She said `she has fought for it for years. She went inside Parliament.
1:56 pm: My mother refused to leave Parliament when the food bill was passed. She was unwell but resolute that she wanted to vote in Parliament.

1:55 pm: Everyone is guaranteed food grains at Rs 1. Who will give you that guarantee - the Congress party.

1:54 pm: It was a historic bill and no one in the country will go hungry after the bill was implemented.

1:53 pm: If Congress comes to power, tribals will get respect and if someone disrespects them, we`ll deal with them. The BJP made efforts to block the food security bill for years and we fought for years.

1:52 pm: They build roads, swanky cars travel on those roads and that is what they call development.

1:51 pm: When Congress gains power, no matter who the Chief Minister is, tribal and women will be respected in Madhya Pradesh.

1:50 pm: When there is hunger, there can be no development. People think that if they build infrastructure they can fill stomachs.

1:49 pm: UNICEF report says there are more hungry people in Madhya Pradesh than in Africa - Rahul Gandhi

1:47 pm: Some people say the government should be this way or that way. But for me the most important thing is respect. Has the BJP government, which has been ruling for 10 years here, has given respect to tribals? Has it respected women, asks Rahul Gandhi.

1:46 pm: Rahul Gandhi apologises for being late, receives rousing welcome from supporters.

1:45 pm: Rahul Gandhi begins speech.

1:37 pm: Jyotiraditya Scindia praises Rahul Gandhi for raising the voice for farmers and bringing Land Acquisition Bill.

1:35 pm: Union Power Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia is addressing the rally in Shahdol.

12:39 pm: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi leaves Datia for Shahdol. He is scheduled to address a rally at the Lalpur Ground in Shahdol.

12:30 pm: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi reaches Datia.

He will pay a visit to those admitted to hospital after being injured in the Sunday`s stampede at Ratangarh temple. In the horrific incident, 111 people, included 47 women and 33 children, were killed.

The stampede at the Ratangarh temple on the last day of the Navratras was sparked off by a rumour that the bridge to it over the Sindh river had collapsed and the subsequent use of force by the police personnel to control the crowd.

Women and children were trampled in the stampede while many people jumped into the fast flowing river below.

The Congress vice president will then speak at the Lalpur Ground in Shahdol, and later at the Mela Ground in Gwalior.

10:45 am: Victims of Datia stampede allege that more beds were available today, all thanks to Rahul Gandhi, who is scheduled to visit the hospital today. The stampede victims had earlier complained of inadequate hospital facilities.

8:00 am: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi will visit the injured admitted to a hospital following a stampede at Ratangarh temple in Madhya Pradesh`s Datia district, leaving 111 people dead. Gandhi would address two public rallies in Madhya Pradesh after visiting the hospital, said party officials.