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Finally, Abu Jundal to get rid of Ajmal Kasab’s ‘ghost’

Last Updated: Wednesday, April 3, 2013 - 12:35

Zeenews Bureau

Delhi: Abu Jundal, alleged to be a key conspirator behind the November 2008 attacks in Mumbai, will finally get rid of the special oval cell in the Arthur Road jail in which Ajmal Kasab was kept before his execution.

According to reports, Jundal had sometimes back complained to a local court in Mumbai that he feels “haunted” and is uncomfortable staying in the same cell that was occupied by Kasab and requested that the court to shift him to another jail. The court has accepted his request and ordered the authorities to shift him to other safe jail.

The jail authorities also noticed Jundal’s strange behavior and said that he hated being placed in the cell and kept calling the security all night.
He also told them he felt the cell was haunted.

Jundal was earlier kept in Delhi’s Tihar jail after Saudi Arabian authorities deported him to India last year.

However, he was later brought to Mumbai and put into the specially constructed 10ftX10ft cell that had been vacant for over two months since Kasab’s execution.

Jundal was moved into Kasab’s cell since the Maharashtra government didn’t want to let the Rs 5.7 crore it spent on securing Kasab’s cell go waste.

The cell, in the jail’s yard No. 12, has an attached toilet, an unbelievable luxury in Indian prisons. The cell also has CCTV cameras that are monitored personally by the jail superintendent in his chamber or by his deputy.

Six guards are posted right outside the cell, as per the jail officials.
The oval-shaped cell has reinforced steel walls and a 20ft-long, bomb-and-bullet-proof tunnel within the jail premises to connect it to the special court where the 26/11 trial was held.

Jundal was being served food prepared at the jail mess. In April 2012, Mumbai police had flown him down from Delhi to bring him face to face with Kasab.

It was during this meeting that Kasab had identified Jundal as their handler and one of the key conspirators of the 26/11 attack.The two also had an exchange of words, with Kasab alleging that Jundal had a substantial role in the conspiracy and Jundal claiming his role was limited to that of a Hindi and Marathi tutor.

However, after Kasab’s execution last year, Jundal started feeling bad and complained that his cell was haunted.

First Published: Wednesday, April 3, 2013 - 12:29
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