He did not touch money for 22 years!

Babanrao Mhaske had taken an oath 22 years back that he would not touch money, which he continues to follow.

Beed: Even as new scams and corruption cases are cropping up virtually every day, here is a villager, who has not touched money for over 20 years, quite literally, as he thinks that money is the root of all the evils.

Babanrao Mhaske, a farm labourer from Aadas village of Kaij tehsil in Beed district, had taken an oath 22 years back that he would not touch money, which he continues to follow.

Mhaske had witnessed a dispute over money which resulted in the death of a few persons 22 years back. It was then that he made a resolution not to touch money, as he thought that money is the root of all the trouble.

"After an incident that took place 22 years back, I realised that money is the only cause behind disputes. It was then that I decided not to touch money till I am alive," Mhaske, aged approximately 58, said.

He added that even though he was facing a number of problems in his social life due to this decision, he says he has been successful in keeping his word.

"I avoid having tea and meals outside my house, as it would compel me to breach my commitment," he said.

Mhaske stays with his wife and two sons in the village. Interestingly, the landlord, where Mhaske works as a farm labourer, hands over the monthly salary straight to family members instead of him, to help him in his resolution.

Whenever he goes outside the village, Mhaske takes his son or an acquaintance along with him, so that he does not need to touch money during the travel.

"I am happy to say that I am a man with a difference. On a daily basis, you keep hearing that some or the other politician, bureaucrat or industrialist is looting poor people’s share of money and keeping it abroad," Mhaske said adding, "But, I am proud that I don`t even touch such a thing, which has a history of sin attached to it."

However, this is not all. Mhaske had been offered a house in his village under a government housing scheme about five years back. But he squarely refused to accept a new house as he said that he already possessed one and it was enough for him.

Despite odds, Mhaske is bent on keeping his promise, which he has made to himself. "Come what may, but I would keep my promise till my last breath," he said.


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